Year 6 week 8 learning

Posted on: June 15th 2020Class 6

Hi Class 6,

Hope everything is well with all of you. I hope you all received a postcard on Friday. That's just to let you know that we're thinking of all of you even if you can't be in school. This week's maths will be on Purple Mash in the Work section under class 6, then Maths weekly activities and then week 8. Remember when you click on these, you have to click on the arrow not the word. To watch the teaching videos that go with the lessons, if you look back to the 13th May blog, there's a link to the White Rose Maths. I hope you manage to find it. 

In English this week, we're going to watch a video called 'Alma'. You can find it on YouTube. If you type in Alma YouTube, you should find it. It's about a little girl who goes out in the snow and visits a shop. You could write a story in the third person about what happens to Alma, or you could write from Alma's point of view. Or you could even write from the doll's point of view. You could also think about what happens afterwards and write a story about that. We're also going to be looking at how to make sentences more interesting by starting them in different ways and also using relative clauses to add details. Try to make your writing as interesting as possible. And remember punctuation!!

I am hoping to set up 2email on Purple Mash so you can email me things you have done. I'll tell you more about that later.

Hope you all have a good week.

Take care,

Miss Smythe