Year 6 week 10 learning

Posted on: June 29th 2020Class 6

Hi Class 6,

I hope you're all doing well. It's been good to hear from some of you using the 2email on Purple Mash. Great to see that you're doing the work. It makes me feel like you're still part of the class even if you're not actually in the classroom. This week's maths is all about ratio and scale so I hope you'll have a go at that. Remember, the maths sheets are in the yellow Work section on Purple Mash and if you want the teaching videos that go with it, the link is on the 13th May blog. The videos are quite useful - we've called the teacher 'Jake' and I had a hard job persuading Amy that he wasn't Welsh! 

I will send you all an email with some English work that we're going to do this week. It will be a short week as we're not in school until Tuesday. There is a short video to watch and then some ideas for writing. You could also maybe do some artwork linked to the story.

I will also include details of some other writing that I would like you to do. To find 2email, you can type 2email into the search bar of the home page of Purple Mash or if you can go into the Tools section, it's under Communicating and Sharing. You can use this to send me attachments with work you've done or pictures of things you've done.

You may start receiving information from your secondary schools soon. I know the Girls' Grammar have sent out letters and I'm sure the others will also be doing that as well.

Hope you all have a good week.

From Miss Smythe