Year 6 week 11 learning

Posted on: July 6th 2020Class 6

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. This week's maths lessons are on Purple Mash. Look in the yellow Work section and click on the arrow next to Class and then Class 6 and then Weekly Maths Activities. We are up to week 11. This week it's all about angles in shapes. For the teaching videos that go with the lessons, look on the blog for 13th May and the link to White Rose Maths is there. This week we are also going to watch a short video called The Black Hat. You can find it on YouTube. I will email you the ideas for writing that you can do linked to the story. To find the emails, you need to look on Purple Mash. You can either type in 2email into the search bar of the home page or you can go to the Tools section and scroll down to Communicating and Sharing. There are also emails I have sent about the Leavers' Book there as well. It's really important that you open these emails and reply.

Take care,

From Miss Smythe