Learning for this term

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”  Fred Rogers

In Reception class we learn through planned, purposeful play using a range of adult directed and child initiated activities.  Our adult led learning and continuous provision enhancements are planned to reflect the EFYS curriculum and the children’s own interests.  There are seven areas of learning in our curriculum.

These are:
-Personal, Social and Emotional Development
-Physical Development
-Communication and Language
-Understanding of the World
-Expressive Art and Design

We plan our adult led activities using a ‘Big Question’ that provides a theme for our learning and is linked to the Early Learning Goals.  Within these questions are opportunities to explore, explain and create in response to key questions.

Our ‘Big Questions’ this year are;

Who am I?

Children will tell us what makes them special. They will explain who they are and what their favourite things are and create a special photo frame.

Is there a Shark in the Park?

Children will tell us whether it rhymes. They will explain what a rhyme is and create their own rhymes.

Why do Squirrels Hide their Nuts?

Children will tell us where squirrels live.  They will explain what happens during different seasons and why some animals hibernate.  They will create their own animal feeder.

Why do we celebrate?

Children will tell us how and what they celebrate.  They will explain why we celebrate Christmas and plan their own Christmas celebration.

Will you read me a story?

Children will tell us about their favourite stories.  They will explain what an author and illustrator does and create their own books.

Are we there yet?

Children will tell us about their world and explain what they know about different places and ways of getting there.  They will create their own maps.

Do you want to be friends?

Children will tell us about what makes a good friend.  They will explain how to make friends and why people are friends.  They will create a way to thank their friends.

Do cows like milk?

Children will tell us what we saw at the farm (following a trip to see the lambs). They will explain about life on a farm and the jobs a farmer does.  They will create their own bread.

Who lives in a rock-pool?

Children will explore the rock pools at Kingsdown.  They will explain how rock pools are formed and what creatures live in them.  They will create their own art exhibition.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Children will tell me what they want to be when they grow up.  They will explain about people who help us and create an assembly about what they have learned in Class R.


Each week we will have a ‘Wednesday Woods’ session. We are very lucky to be able to use our beautiful grounds to extend our learning further. 


We follow ‘Come & See’ Religious Education programme.  The children will learn about the Church as a family; Baptism and Confirmation; Advent & Christmas; The Church Community; The Eucharist; Pentecost; Reconciliation & Forgiveness; Our World and the good work of CAFOD.

Please check out our Blog page as it well tell you all about the fun we have had!

Supporting your child's learning at home

Parents and carers can support their children's learning at home through reading with them every day, helping them to develop their mark-making and writing skills and by practising counting and recognising numbers when out and about in the community.


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