Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Emma Grassby

Emma Grassby

I'm Emma and I have been St Mary's FLO for four years. My role is to support children  and their families with their social and emotional wellbeing. I am a listening ear, who is always there for a chat for both children and parents/carers. Our aim is to ensure that the children can participate fully in  their home and school activities thus achieving their full potential. You will usually find me at the School Gates every morning (except Thursday). My door is always open throughout the day if you need to contact me. Messages can be left for me at the office and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please note that I do not work on Thursdays.

I provide pastoral care to the children to ensure their wellbeing within the school. I do this through 1 :1 sessions and group work:

Rainbows (click this link)- 12 week sessions to support children with loss.

Lego Sessions - Group work to support children with listening, communication and undersatnding.

Chat and Draw - weekly sessions to help children to explore their emotions.

Drawing & Talking - 12 weekly sessions focused on supporting children with specific events in their life using drawing to come to their own resolution.

Confidence/Self Esteem building

Friendship Work

Bereavement Support

Emotions work - addressing children's emotions and feelings if they become over powering using tools such as worry monsters. 

Mindfulness Colouring Group - weekly session open to all children who need time out and a chat.

Young Carers (click this link)

I am also able to refer children to Louisa our child counsellor who supports children using therapy of the arts.

I work with families to help increase their involvement in the education and welfare of their children. I offer parental support and guidance. I also have links with agencies such as FoodBank, Citizens' Advice and Financial Support to provide help where needed. Throughout the year I organise courses with Adult Education enabling parents to support their childrens' learning at home confidently.

Alongside this I aim to promote good attendance and punctuality of pupils at school to enable them to learn effectively.  I also run the Pupil Voice group,  am joint chair of the  PTFA and the weekly Baby & Toddler Group

People say I am a good listener and very approachable, so please do feel free to contact me if you have any issues or concerns and I will do my very best to help.


If you have any issues regarding the safeguarding of any child in our school please contact

Karen riddell


     Mrs Karen Riddell 

     Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)



Emma Grassby


           Mrs Emma Grassby

           Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (Deputy DSL)



Maria pullen      


          Mrs Maria Pullen

          Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (Deputy DSL)



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