Class 5

Hello class 5!

What a difference to this time last week. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a change to say goodbye to you all but we are self-isolating so Mr Sparkes does not get ill.

Remember the conversation we had last Monday about all the things we can do at home? We wrote a great list together, here are some ideas that we thought of.

English – writing a diary (I think this is one of the most interesting things you can do now to look back on). Remember when we had the author in? Just get in to your flow and write, don’t worry about spelling or handwriting too much, I’m not there to see it!

READ, READ, READ! We talked about building a reading den somewhere warm and cosy. You can get books online to read or listen to. You could write a book review to share with others. Read theory will help you with comprehension, just one test a day is fine, more if you’d like.

Spelling and handwriting – we are using Twinkl spelling schemes at school and we are Year 5 2b week 5. (Please make sure the person testing you make up a little lamb story for the test!)

If you are in Mrs Dewick’s group it’s Year 4 2b week 5.

Maths – You can stay right on track with our learning by going to White Rose Maths Hub home learning. Every day for class 5 there is a video and some work to do exactly like we would do in class. You could make your own manipulatives too. This week, after all our fractions work, we are moving on to decimals.There are five short lessons, it does not matter what time of the day you do them, remember though we spoke about brain overload, do a little and often and it helps your brain to save the information much better. Likewise a short burst of Times Table Rock Stars and NumBots every day will help your brain too. If you are finding it too hard try a different year group, though they may be covering a different topic.

The answers are there too for you to mark your work, not forgetting to correct it if you went wrong and to identify where you went wrong so you can avoid that mistake again.

Topic- we have started to look at the Ancient Greeks, can you remember the names of the three types of columns? I’m going to give you a topic menu and you can pick which activities you’d like to do and when to do them over the coming weeks.

Find out what you can about the Ancient Greeks then –

Write something

Draw something

Make something (remember we talked about junk models and Minecraft etc.)

Find some Greek recipes (It may be hard to make something at the moment) and plan a Greek menu for a café.

Practice you Greek dancing (Just dance on You Tube)

Find an area of Greek life you are interested in and find out as much as you can about it.

Find out about the Greek alphabet, can you write using it?

Write your own myth

Find out about Greek inventions, make one of your own.

Make a labyrinth (last year we had some great ones made of Lego and cereal boxes)

Make a mini Olympics for toys, pets or yourself.

Helpful places to find information are BBC Bitesize, Woodlands homework help, purple mash (I have set some ‘To Dos’ on there and horrible histories. Just don’t use the W word!!!

PE- Cosmic yoga (use her relaxation videos too) Joe Wicks online PE lesson each morning, skipping, hula hooping etc.

Science – you have been learning about forces with Mrs Mayne, can you make a stable boat to float in water? Think about what you discovered last week (and probably don’t use a lampshade)!

This would be a fantastic time to get ahead with learning for next term where you will look at life cycles. Could you plant something? I have some cress seeds growing on a windowsill. Observe the plants and birds you can see from your home, start a diary of changes every few days. You could add pictures of the changes, make it beautiful.

RE- If you’d like to continue to sing some of the songs we sing at school go to and Awesome Cutlery websites. Don’t forget your phone and charger (prayer hands) put together give you a direct line to God, please say lots of prayers for each other. You could make prayer stones, like we have in class, for your friends and family.

We have been looking at the Easter story – can you make a mini book of what happened?

ICT and Purple Mash – have a go at anything and everything you like as well as the To Dos I set. I’m just learning how to do this so please be patient. Minecraft has released some great free games, have a go.

Art- there are lots of ‘how to’ videos online. Could you draw some illustrations for the book you are reading? 

Cooking – Help to make meals including all the job that need to be done, peeling, chopping and washing up. It may be difficult to get all our favourite foods at the moment so this is the best opportunity to try all sorts of new foods. You may find a new favourite food.


I hope you and your families are all well and all of this work is to be done in your own time, at your own pace and if you or people in your home are unwell then stop working and take care of each other. That is the most important thing right now.

 I’ll be posting as often as I can, I miss you all. Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and spread love to all around you.

Mrs Sparkes



Parents – Just a few ideas that I hope will help you.

I read some great advice about starting by asking your child to teach you something they know about and then you can model how to listen and learn, how to ask for help and how to respond if it is difficult. If tempers get frayed, which they will at times, take lots of breaks and then go back to the above.

Routines are the key to home-schooling, why not make a timetable together.

Don’t worry if you don’t get through it all, it’s sometimes like that in class too. Remember you child is used to sharing a teacher with 29 other pupils, set them off, check they understand what they have to do and then leave them to it for a bit. It’s hard to work with someone always watching over your shoulder and I’m sure you have work to do too.

There are so many amazing free resources online now. We use Twinkl for some of our learning and they are doing a daily online school that you can use.

If your child has a topic that they are passionate about, let them go for it. All of the above are ideas but not strict expectations. This is the time for a personalised curriculum for your child to love.

Thank you for all you are doing for your children and know that I am praying for you all.