Class 3

Year Three – Term 2 Newsletter


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to Term 2, we have a busy one ahead!  Thank you for your support during Term 1 - it’s fantastic to see children reading regularly and completing homework tasks on time, this has a positive impact on their learning.

This term our topic is based around the book ‘The Genius of Leonardo’, which is about the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.  Our curriculum will be planned around the many different features of his life and art.

English – we will be focusing on writing a biography, learning and performing poetry and also writing our own sonnets.   Our reading objective is to study how words and phrases are used for effect within texts. 

Maths – during term 2 we will be focusing on recording multiplication and division methods.  This will be combined with different reasoning and problem solving skills.  Also we will be practising division facts for the 3 times tables and practising the 4 and 8 times tables’ facts.

Topic – within Art and History we will be studying the life and paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.  We will be practising how to use pencil to create shade in sketching and looking at a timeline of different artists.

Science - this term our Science focus is Forces and Magnet.  This will be explored through a variety of activities to engage the pupil’s interest and understanding.

P.E. – is on a Monday and Thursday, please ensure your child has the required kit.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting the office and I can arrange to meet you – dare I say it …it’ll be Christmas soon!


Mrs Smith