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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


Week ending 6/5/22


We have had a lot of fun in our maths lessons continuing our learning about position and direction.  We have created our own mazes to direct friends round and used the Bee Bots.  We have been using language such as quarter turn, half turn, whole turn, left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise.


We have completed our 'defeat the monster' story writing this week and I have to say I have been really impressed with the vocab that the children have been using.  They have tried very hard and produced some wonderful work.


"Everyday, mum made a scrumptious lunch and sent it to the children in a fast speedboat" Charlie.

"Then she saw a sudden splash ..." Olivia.

"Shocked, she hid behind the chair and tried to think ..." Alice.


We also continued with our science investigation and observed how our materials had changed as well as predicted what we might find next week when we look.  It was very interesting!


"It was interesting to see how my leaf has broken down already" Oscar.

"I don't think my plastic cube will change next week either" Daniel.

"It seems that the natural items have changed" Nancy.

Week ending 29/04/22


Another busy week in Class 2 - we have started learning about position and direction in maths using the Cha Cha Slide song to help us remember our left from our rights.  The children have really impressed me with how quickly they have picked it up. 


Our science investigation is well underway - we have created our salty water and chosen the materials we wanted to investigate by putting them in the jar.  Each day the children go and shake the jar to recreate the ocean waves.  Over the next 4 weeks we will be observing changes to the materials and looking to see which ones are degradable and which are not.


We really enjoyed the visit from Fantastic Fred and learnt lots about how to keep a healthy body and mind.  The children were giggling and really engaged which was lovely. 


Then to top our week off we won Adam the Anteater for our brilliant attendance this week!  Well done Class 2!  



Week ending 22/04/22


It has been so lovely to see the children's smiling faces back at school and we have been blessed with the weather which always cheers us up :) 


We have started our new topic "Coastlines" and have been focussing on Geographical vocabulary.  We have been on  a human and physical features hunt and understanding the parts of the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas.


We have also thoroughly enjoyed exploring our new text "The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch".  The children have retold the story using drama, we have developed our own story map with actions and finally we created our own sandwiches for Mr Grindling and ate them!  The children have worked hard on their instruction writing linked to this and certainly enjoyed the sandwiches :) 



Easter Bonnet Parade


What a lovely afternoon!  The hats all looked wonderful - well done everyone :) 



Week ending 25/03/22


We have enjoyed a week of art this week in Class 2 which has been really lovely.  We have looked at significant artists and their work, created our own opinions about which paintings we like and why, identified and sketched our favourite parts and then chose our own still life objects to sketch, paint and sculpt out of clay.  We discussed texture and how we can represent that texture using tones and tools.


"It was fun to sketch out the different pictures that we were looking at" Daniel.

"I used my pencil on it's side to create shading - I was really impressed" Joshua.


We had a wonderful day at Forest School - we were so lucky with the weather!  Please see the Forest Day blog for more information.


In Geography we have been learning how to use a compass and identifying cities and countries within the United Kingdom.


"It was interesting to work out the compass directions to find the correct countries" Lucia.


And of course we will be ending our week with the bonnet parade and Easter Fayre - what a week!

Week ending 18/03/22


This week started with a fantastic science day for science week!  we joined on Zoom with many other schools to investigate force and materials by creating rocket mice and seeing how far we could launch them.  We also discussed our uses of plastic and how we can help reduce the amount we use.


"It was fun shooting the mice and seeing how far they went" Hope.

"The big milk bottle went the furthest because it had more air in so the force was stronger" Alice.

"The amount of force you used to squeeze the bottle made a difference" Elliot.

"I was brave and spoke on the microphone to the other classes" Nancy.


In topic we have been looking at significant artists and their still art paintings.  We have been sketching our favourite parts of paintings, mixing colours to match them and then creating our own versions.


"I enjoyed learning how to use different parts of our pencils to make different shades" Olivia.

"It was cool when we changed the pressure of our pencils to sketch" Lucia.

"It was really creative when we could make different hues" Freddie.






Week ending 11/03/22


This week we have been learning how to debate and convince our audience that our chosen person in history is the most significant.  


"It was fun when we had to convince people to buy our toys" Dexter

"I think the most significant person is Rosa Parks because she changed how people think" Lucas

"If Neil Armstrong didn't go tot he moon, we would not know what the moon was like!" Oscar


In maths we have started to look at fractions - we have done lots of problem solving with about finding half of shapes and amounts.  


"It has to be shared equally" Nancy.


This week in PE we have been dancing.  First we danced to music, then a poem and then words.  We followed each others movements in a game of follow my leader.  At the end of the session we chose between fireworks and ocean and created a sequence of moves with a partner.  Once we had performed the routine the class had to guess which one we had done - there were some great moves!


"It was fun because we got to create different movements that represented the words" Lucia.

"I zoomed in the sky" Darius.

"We were crashing against the rocks" Arlo.



Week ending 04/03/22


This has been a very busy and fun filled week!  The highlight has to be the amazing assembly that we performed to the school and parents - it was so lovely to see so many parents there!  We showed off all of our knowledge about oceans, continents, James Cook and Grace Darling.  The children were amazing and I was so very proud of them!


"The assembly was fantastic!" Phoebe.

"The sword fighting was really fun" Emma.

"I really loved showing my lighthouse" Oscar.







Week comm. 28.2.2022



Thursday was the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day and this was fully embraced by everyone at St Mary’s!

The children all dressed as characters from a variety of books and we send a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the parents who enabled this to happen.

Our day started with a whole school assembly and the hall was filled with excited readers! 

Each child participated in a variety of Reading workshops that included creating super villains, comic strips & book tokens, designing forest dioramas, acting out different book scenarios and find Wally in school to name but a few. 

At the end of a busy and very productive day the children came together to share their favourite experiences and celebrate their successes.

Together we are a family of readers!

Week ending 25/02/22


What a fantastic and inspiring first week back!  We have started our new topic, "Movers and Shakers" by learning about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing.  We were lucky enough to have some visitors who let us shoot rockets, drive a moon buggy, make our own constellations and even hold part of the actual moon!  The children were completely inspired and full of interesting questions - I was very proud of them!


"I loved driving the moon buggy but it wasn't easy" Charlie.

"The rocket was my favourite" Reggie.

"The constellations were very exciting and the were glowing in the dark!" Phoebe.


We have written thank you letters in English and really considered our audience in our writing.  We also had a debate about whether we would take the silver ticket to get to the moon.  There were mixed feelings.

"I would have taken the ticket to explore the moon!" Nancy.

"I wouldn't take the ticket because it takes such a long time" Hope.

"I would take the ticket because I have never explored the moon before" Dexter.

"I wouldn't take the ticket because I would lose it!" Clara.


We have been learning about shape in maths and their properties.  We have been on a shape hunt, made pictures out of shapes and created our own irregular shapes.


This term we are reading stories by significant authors - we have of course started with Roald Dahl and the children are enjoying the Twits - even if it is a bit disgusting!


"It is disgusting because they don't have a bath!" Darius.

"I like the book because Mr Twit is all hairy" Elliot.

"I like Mrs Twit because she has a glass eye!" Daniel.



Week ending 11/02/22


Wow what a fun day we had on our pirate day!  We learnt how to speak like a pirate, dance like a pirate, sing sea shanties, sword fight, read maps and we went on a treasure hunt.  The children all looked wonderful in their outfits and made brilliant crew mates.


"It was fun when we found the treasure box full of coins!" Robbie-Jo.


"I liked following the treasure map to find the clues and unscramble the word to find the treasure!" Elliot.


"My favourite part of the day was dancing and dressing up" Clara.


"It was fun doing the pirate training" Indie.


We have been researching all about Grace Darling and how she made a brave sea rescue.  In Science we made circuits to make a lightbulb turn on.  Then we designed and created a working lighthouse!


"It was very messy to paint them bright colours" Freddie.

"It was fun when I had to figure out how to make the circuits and how to attach the batteries to the models." Nancy

"I enjoyed challenging Mrs Grassby to finish reading the same book - and I won!" Elliot.



Week ending 04/02/22


What a busy week we have had in Class 2!  On Tuesday we had great fun at Forest School.  We made sticky mud and created mud faces on trees to scare the dragons away.  The children were really creative!  We made shelters, played in the woods and had lot's of fun.


"I loved doing art and craft making my own Groot" Charlie.

"I liked mixing the mud - it was squishy!" Emma.

"It was fun making den's out of huge sticks" Ellie.



In maths we have been learning about a new sign - division.  the children have been sharing and grouping.


In topic we have been focussing on music - we have learnt different sea shanties, listened for the beat and used drums.  We learnt how to hold the drums so that you get the best sound.


"It was fun making up our own sea shanties" Lucia.

"It was fun using the drums" Emily.

"It was loud!" Lucas.



In PE we enjoyed some pirate games which developed our spacial awareness.


"The crocodile game was exciting" Dexter.


In science we have been investigating the different states of matter - we have explored how we can affect water by changing the temperature.  We then had to work as a team to plan the best strategy to melt big ice blocks to get the treasure out of them.


"It was very cold and very cool to melt the ice.  I used the sun to help me" Hope.

"The salt was good at melting the ice" Joshua.



In history we have been learning about Grace Darling - the children re-enacted the stormy rescue and wrote wonderful acrostic poems about it.


"I learnt lot's of facts about her and it was a very exciting story" Phoebe.

"Grace Darling was a very important person" Chanya.





Week ending 28/01/22


What a week we have had - it has been lovely to see everyone back in class!


In topic we have designed and printed our own pirate flags, we made our own globes and named and placed the continents, oceans and the equator.  


"I liked making the globes and learning about the continents and oceans" Nancy.

"I liked making Earth" Reggie.

"The printing was good and I drew my best skull and crossbones" Roman.



In science we have started to explore the different states of water.  We observed changes in ice by adding salt, warming them in our hands and doing nothing to ice cubes.


"It was cool when it melted" Robbie-Jo

"The salt melted the ice quickly" Oscar


In PE we did some pirate yoga!

"I enjoyed the yoga - it was nice to do the stretching" Ellie.

"It was cool" Daniel


In English we have been creating wanted posters with pirate descriptions.

"I enjoyed the writing and I did it all by myself so I am proud" Phoebe

"The wanted posters were good - I liked describing my picture" Lucia

Week ending 21st January 2022

What a strange week in Class 2, more than half the class missing and the teachers too! But that meant that I had the pleasure of teaching a fantastic group for Thursday and Friday.  We have completed a comprehension and written descriptive sentences in English.  We have been learning about the multiplication symbol in maths.  We have tried our hand at potato printing pirate flags and pirate dancing.  I have had a great time and they have really impressed me and made Mrs Grassby proud.

Mrs Goodwin x


Week ending 14/01/22

We had an exciting visitor this week - Captain James Cook!  He told us all about the new lands he explored and the oceans he sailed.  We have gathered interesting facts and created wonderful fact files to tell others all about the exciting travels that he had.


"It was interesting to discover where he explored" Dexter.

"It was exciting to learn lot's of facts about Captain James Cook" Hope.  

"I enjoyed learning about Captain Cook" Emily.


We have learnt the continents and oceans of the world and used maps and globes to find them so if we ever explore like Captain Cook we will know where we are going!

"I enjoyed the continents song that we learnt" Emma.

"It was interesting learning the about the oceans and continents" Lucia.

"I liked finding the countries and creating the key" Elliot.


We have learnt how to create a timeline by ordering historical explorers and discovered which materials would make the best boats in science - it has been a busy week!


"It was fun sorting the explorers into the right order" Chanya.

"It was fun predicting what would happen" Nancy.


Week ending 07/01/22


Well what a first week back!  Little did we know that Captain Rattle Bones had left us a note to send us to Pirate School!  We made hats and patches and embarked on our pirate training.  The children discovered the parts of a pirate ship, scrubbed the decks, climbed up to the crows nest, saluted the captain and explored new lands.  The children were fantastic and all graduated to become real pirates!


"It started raining but it was still fun!" Darius.

"It was awesome making our hats and patches" Hope.

"I enjoyed learning the parts of a pirate ship" Jasper.



We designed our own pirate ships which had to include moving parts.  Some chose to create pictures with sliding puppets, some created their ships from junk modelling and some used Lego.  The problem solving was wonderful to see and the children embraced any difficulties they had and worked out how to resolve them by supporting each other - well done Class 2!


"I liked making the slider it was very cool!" Roman.

"My favourite part to make was to make the steering wheel move" Charlie.

"I liked making parts move" Emma.




Week ending 17/12/21


It has been a fun filled week in Class 2 and the highlight has to be the nativity performances.  The children were amazing and I was so proud of them all!



And to finish our week we had a Christmas party with lots of games and prizes - I hope the children enjoyed it as much as the adults did!  Thank you for all of the smiles and laughter - it has been a lovely week :) 

Week ending 03/12/21



We have had another busy week in Year 2 starting with our muddy Science experiment.  The children predicted and tested what happens to mud when you add different amounts of water to it.  We then left them overnight and predicted how they may have changed.  The children were great at ensuring it was a fair test.


"It was very muddy and it felt like slime in our hands" Olivia.

"We really messy!" Alice.

"It was really fun waiting to see what would happen to the mud" Lucia.



We had a great day at Forest School and were very grateful that the weather decided to warm up a bit for that day!  We made bird feeders, painted with mud and created obstacle courses.


"It was really cool making the courses and playing on them" Charlie.

"I liked working with my friend to carry the tyres" Clara.

"It was muddy!" Robbie-Jo.



The children have also shown such enthusiasm with their writing this week.  They have now completed their stories and are rightly so, very proud of them.

"I liked how we could make our own characters" Elliot.

"I loved turning people into fish in my story" Arya.

"I liked it when I made Grandma explode in my story" Roman.

Week ending 26/11/21



This week we have started to write our own versions of George's Marvelous Medicine.  We have planned and acted our stories and we are enjoying writing them and sharing them with our friends.

"It was fun making up our own story"  Hope

"It was fun when we had to think of the ideas for our stories" Dexter.


Our topic this week has been focused on art which the children have thoroughly enjoyed and have really shown their creativity.  We started by learning about the colour wheel and creating our own, then mixing hues to see how many shades we could create and finally choosing a part of a landscape painting to recreate, ensuring that we mixed the colours needed accurately.

"I liked mixing the colours" Lucas.

"I learnt that you can't make the primary colours by mixing" Nancy.




Week ending 19/11/21


This week we have been investigating what happens to different foods when we heat them.  We made predictions and recorded our results.

"I liked how the Haribos looked when they melted" George.

"It was really cool because we didn't know whether they would melt, do nothing or burn" Dexter.

"It was interesting how we discovered what happened to them" Olivia.


In RE we were very lucky and had a special visitor to help us learn about the Jewish religion.  We learnt all about Shabbat and even had a chance to taste some challah bread.

"The bread was sweet and yummy" Charlie.

"I liked how we designed the Shabbat plate and the Hebrew writing" Lucia.

"I learnt that when they go through the door they touch the prayer" Nancy.


Week ending 12/11/21


This week we have been writing disgusting recipes!  We followed a recipe to make poo burgers and some of us were brave enough to taste them!  Then the children created their own disgusting ingredients and wrote their own recipes.

"It was fun making our own gooey, sticky recipes" Hope.

"It was really cool because they were yucky ingredients" Charlie.

"They were delightful - I want to do it again!" Alice.

"It was fun making poo burgers!" Lucas.


We have also tasted food from around the world and learnt about food hygiene and the different types of food so that we can eat a balanced diet.

"I didn't know that I liked pineapple but now I have tasted it I know I do!" Nancy.

"The croissants from France were delicious" Elliot.

"The spicy samosas were really hot!" Joshua.


In RE we finished our signs and symbols topic by looking at the St Mary's mosaics and discussing what the symbols mean.  The children then decorated their own stones with symbols that are important to them.


Week ending 5/11/21


We have had a fun filled week exploring our new topic 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures'.  


We had a messy play afternoon where the children explored different textures.

"The corn flour was really hard but when you picked it up it was runny" Joshua

"The sand was satisfying" George

"It was fascinating" Dexter

"I had lot's of questions" Oscar


We have really enjoyed our new class book 'George's Marvelous Medicine' and we have been busy making potions and describing the horrible ingredients that the children have put in them.


"It was fascinating how the water changed colour" Olivia

"It was really cool" Charlie

"Our potions made us fly into the air"  Ellie

"We came up with great titles and wrote about what they would do if we drink them" Alice


Week ending 22/10/21


To celebrate diversity week we have been learning about the artist Sir Frank Bowling.  The children looked at his abstract art and chose one they were drawn to.  They then wrote about what the colours reminded them of and how they felt about the painting.  We learnt about how he uses colour to represent his emotions and experiences.  The children chose an experience that they remembered such as a woodland walk, swim in the sea, football match or starting school and they explored different colours that they would link to those experiences.  We then recreated Sir Frank Bowling's pouring art using our experiences as the inspiration, gave our paintings a title and wrote about why we used the colours we did.


"It was nice doing the paintings and we all got a go - it was fun" Clara.

"It was interesting when we had to describe the colours - it was fun" Elliot.

"It was fascinating to look at all of Frank Bowling's paintings" Dexter.

"I've never done pouring art before - it was really messy and fun!" Oscar.



It was also Class 2s Liturgy this week which the children planned themselves and myself and Mrs Pullen were so proud of them!  The theme was looking after the beautiful world that God made.  The children wrote "we may be small but we can make a big difference" and how true that is. 


"It was fantastic when I stood up there - I was so happy when I managed to read my words" Ellie.

"It was really fun!" Jasper.

"I liked how we used the clips and music - we may be small but we can make changes" Lucia.

"It was good to see the whole school at our Liturgy" Daniel.



Week ending 15/10/21


This week we have been carrying out an investigation into which material worms prefer to live in.  We went on a worm hunt, created our own worm habitat to keep them safe and then tested out different materials to see which one they wanted to live in.  We discovered that no matter what material we tried, the worms preferred the soil.  We think this is because it is their natural habitat and the soil was moist.


"It was fun when we were digging the worms - we had to be vary careful with them" Indie.


"It was fun finding the worms!" Jasper.


"I liked choosing all the different materials - it was good to see which one they wanted to go to" Nancy.



In RE we made mosaics of the different symbols for Baptism.


"I enjoyed making the symbols because I liked how we could use different colours and shapes" Elliot.


In maths we have completed our place value topic by trying lots of different challenges.


"I enjoyed the challenge cards even though some were tricky" Alice.


We even got Punctuality Pup for the second week in a row! Well done Class 2!


Week ending 9/10/21


Another fun and dull week in Class 2!  We were the lucky ones tohave all of that wet and windy weather on Tuesday for our Forest School but I was so proud of all of the children as they embraced the weather and had a great time.  We enjoyed the leaf rubbing, bug hunting, made magic wands and collected rain water using drain pipes and buckets which took a lot of problem solving so well done Class 2!


"I liked it when I found a huge, wriggly worm!" Roman.

"The bug hunting was really fun, we found some amazing bugs!" Phoebe

"It was a challenge to fix the water run but it was fun" Dexter

"I liked learning about the White Poplar Tree" Alice.





We have been learning about bridges this week linked to our English focus book of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff".  We have made spaghetti and marshmallow bridges and investigate the strength of bridges according to their shape using cardboard.  We discovered that arched bridges are stronger and proved this by putting 3 heavy dictionary's on top of 4 half egg shells and they didn't break! We couldn't believe it!



"It was fun when we put the books on the eggs.  It was weird!" Daniel.

"The eggs didn't break because the shells were curved" Ellie.

"I was surprised because I didn't know the egg shells were strong" Emma.


In RE we were learning about symbols for Baptism and we did some wax resistant art.


"It was fun because we created symbols that we thought were important and the painting was like magic!" Lucia. 





Week ending 01/10/21


We have had another fun filled week in Class 2.  In PE thanks to the weather letting us down we were inside but we had a great time using the apparatus to improve our balancing skills.  The children showed wonderful team work when they supported each other.



"I enjoyed the balancing we did in PE and everyone helped each other" Oscar


We have also learnt about The Great escape in History and even built our own tunnels!  The children had to problem solve to make them big enough to travel through, dark so we wouldn't be seen and strong enough so it didn't fall on us.  They did really well!




"Going through the tunnel was fun" Clara

"It was interesting watching the video about The Great Escape!" Arlo

"It was hard to make the tunnels dark and strong but it was really fun" Alice

"My favourite bit was making the tunnels" Joshua


The children have worked so hard with their understanding of place value this week and in RE we wrote our own prayers which we are sharing at the beginning of our RE lessons so well done Class 2!


"I have liked phonics this week as we have been learning new things" Emily

"My favourite bit of the week has been RE when we light the candle and pray" Charlie

"I have really enjoyed maths this week" Dexter

Week ending 24/09/21


Wow what a busy week we have had again this week!  In RE we have been appreciating every new beginning that God provides for us.  We learnt how to mix many different shades of the same colour and used these skills to create beautiful sunrise paintings. 


"Painting the sunrise was amazing and cool!" Elliot.

"I went to see the sunrise the next day because we are learning about it" Roman. 

"It was really lovely painting the sun - if you want to paint the sun you have to think like the sun!" Oscar.

We designed and built our Rapunzel towers ensuring it had all the features required such as a window, being tall and stable.


"I enjoyed using different materials to make the tower" Lucia

"It was fun until mine broke - but then I worked out how to fix it" George

In Science we have started to research all about tunnelling animals and have been reading the Anthony Browne book "The Tunnel" in English.  We discussed the word dilemma and debated what we may have done in the characters situation.  


"The story was good" Lucas

"We have been writing about mystical tunnels and I enjoyed thinking of good describing words" Nancy.

Week ending 17/09/21


Wow what a busy week!  We have enjoyed using the globes and maps in Geography  to locate famous towers around the world.  We the used Google Earth to show the children in more detail.

"Wow it is so far away!" Livia

"There are so many buildings in London" Arlo

"I loved seeing the whole world with the globes" Oscar


In English this week we have been retelling the story of Rapunzel through puppets.  We have thought about the main characters and interviewed them as a hot seat activity.  we then wrote from the characters perspective and answered the questions.

"I enjoyed interviewing Rapunzel" Nancy

"Acting with the puppets was fun!" Olivia

"I enjoyed listening to the story" George



In D & T we have built our own nature towers and discovered it was hard to build a stable foundation with them.  we then built towers using sugar cubes and measured them. we discussed as a team what we could do to make the towers taller and more stable.



Week ending 10/09/21


What a fantastic first full week back!  we are exhausted but there have been plenty of smiles.


We have started our new topic "Towers, Turrets and Tunnels" and the children have enjoyed learning about the parts of a castle, designing their own one and creating amazing castles - many of which included moving draw bridges which were really impressive!  We also went on a drama walk where we invaded a castle and we did of course win!



In RE we have been learning about new beginnings and how each day brings us so many new beginnings.  We also introduced the children's new Bibles and they really enjoyed exploring them.  


"Look it is when God created the world and all the animals!" Daniel.

"These books are really special" Clara.






Week ending 16/07/21


We had so much fun with the bug party!  We had bug races that were designed by the children, we played party games, played bug bingo hunt, made spider webs and there were lots of prizes.


"It was really fun" 

"It was mind blowing!" Oscar

"I liked dressing up as a bee" Austen 




In RE this week we thought back about all the things we had learnt over the year and created paper chains to show how it is all connected and how much we have learnt.


"I enjoyed making the Easter gardens" Darcy B

" I liked making the opportunities tree" Tiffany

"The mosaics we made were lovely" Molly

"I liked learning about God's rules and doing drama" Jessica


In Gardening Club we painted pictures with the beetroot that we grew!




Week ending 9/07/21


We listened to the story "Bog Baby" and we made our own Bog Baby habitats.  We found natural materials in the woods to create our habitats.

"I liked choosing my materials" Raife.

"I used gigantic leaves because I thought the Bog Baby could rest underneath it" Marley.

"I enjoyed making the habitats" A.



We were very lucky and had a Sublime Science workshop and we made thunder, sweet and sour sherbet and we made the world float!


"I thought it was amazing especially the cup trick" Tilly.


"I enjoyed making the thunder noises" Molly.


"I loved the whistling tube!" Darcy

Week ending 01/07/21


Another fun filled week this week in Class 2!


We have learnt all about ants and made our own ant models to take home.  We also researched our own choice of mini beast and discovered what their life cycle was.  


The children helped me celebrate my birthday with lots of fun and singing which was made even more special by watching Treasure Island performed in school.  It brilliant -0 here are some quotes form the children:


"I am sooooo excited!" (Charlie).


"That was fantastic, I liked the way she jumped into the screen it was like magic" (Kaspian).



In RE we have looked at God's world and how we treasure it.  The children had lovely thoughtful responses:


"We have to care for the animals otherwise they won't live anymore" (Tiffany).


"We should not use plastic or throw it in the sea" (Skylar).


"We should pick up the rubbish and not litter anywhere" (Raife).

Week ending 25/06/21


What an exciting week!  The children had a wonderful time in Forest School on Tuesday making our own animals using natural materials and learning about animal habitats.


In RE we started our new topic 'Treasures' and the children led wonderfully thoughtful discussions about what we treasure.  We put pictures or the words about those treasures in a treasure chest to keep them safe.  We had suggestions such as "my family are precious treasures", "I love the tropical flowers", "I treasure animals and look after them", "our friends are treasures".



In Math's we have been learning about measurement of weight in grams and kilograms.  The children have enjoyed the practical activities we have done.



In Science we have been learning about the bees habitat and tasting and baking with honey - yum!

Week ending 18/06/21


What a week!  We have had lots of fun in the sun with our sports week and all the children were great at cheering each other on at Sports Day!  We have enjoyed taking part in whole school 'Wake Up Shake Up' every morning where we have learnt the Cha Cha Slide and Superman song - maybe the children could show you!  We also took part in team building challenges and ultimate frisbee so it has been a busy week!


We have still found time to carry on with our creepy crawlies topic and made a habitat for our own snail who we named Draco!  The children have learnt how to care for a snail and have done a great job - Draco will be sad to leave Class 2 on Friday!



To complete our RE topic of Rules - we celebrated how we keep God's one rule by loving Him and others by making our Class 2 family friendship bracelets!



Week ending 11/06/2021


What an exciting week we have had exploring our new topic "Wriggle and Crawl"!  We first went to find our seeds that we had hidden in the woods - and were so excited to discover that all of them apart from 1 had disappeared.  After lots of discussion the children were sure that they had been dispersed by animals such as squirrels or birds.


We have been exploring different habitats around the school and identifying what mini beasts we had found.  We searched in the woods, pond and trees and discovered many different types such as spiders, tadpoles, millipedes, centipedes and even a baby dragonfly! 





Week ending 28/05/21


In RE we did some drama work about making good and bad choices.  The children were very reflective and did a great job.


In topic we have learnt about seed dispersion, pressed our own flowers to create a book mark, made sycamore seeds and explored what plants need to be healthy.


Week ending 21/05/21


We have been learning about time this week - the children have really grasped the o'clock and half past the hours.  We went on a trip around the Class 2 zoo and set our clocks to the feeding times of all the animals.  We were then able to add an hour for the day that the zoo keeper was late.  If the children have watches then it would be great if they could wear it or use the clocks at home and keep practicing!



We have been discussing the differences between flowers in our country and those you would find in the Amazon Rainforest.  The children researched different flowers, sketched them and then created them in any way they chose.  Some chose clay, others pictures and junk modelling.  We discussed how the conditions would differ and how our flowers may find the rainforest.


Week ending 14/05/21



Exciting news!!  The sweet pea seeds that we planted 2 weeks ago have started to grow!  The children have taken observations and noted down the changes in their books they have made.  We are relieved as we thought the rain from the storms at the weekend may have drowned them but thankfully they must have been thirsty :) 


We have also been investigating how flowers need and use water so we used white carnations and placed them in coloured water - we were pleased with the results!



We have been learning about position and direction which has been fun!  Any practice with left and right, 1/4, 1/2 and whole turns would be beneficial.



Week ending 7/05/21


Wow - it may have been a shorter week but we have been very busy!

The children loved the Forest School day we had on Tuesday and didn't let any weather concerns worry them at all!  We had lots of fun building dens, making medals and thankfully the wind died down just in time for us to be able to have a fire at the end and toast marshmallows.

The children have wowed us with their enthusiasm in music - they have listened so carefully when learning to play the ocarina - well done Class 2!

Week ending 30/04/21

Wow - we have had a wonderful week exploring our new topic 'Scented Garden'.  The children have enjoyed planting bulbs, seeds and plants and creating their own Science books to record changes we notice.




We also started our cooking after school club this week - the children really enjoyed making and eating chocolate chip cookies :) 

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