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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


Week ending 20th May 2022


Another busy week in Year 3 but as ever lots of fun! In English the children have been working hard writing stories involving a predator of their choice. Some of these stories have been very scary reads! In PE we have focused on athletics. It was wonderful to see the children supporting one another within the different activities, offering advice and top tips! What fabulous sportsmanship we have in our class. In Maths we have concluded our length and perimeter topic, and are looking forward to learning about fractions next week.

Week ending 13th May 2022. 


Wow what a busy week for Year 3! The children enjoyed a fabulous forest school day. They learnt how to measure the age of trees, used the natural resources to create different nature scenes and even enjoyed making a fire and toasting marshmallows. They were delicious! In English we have been creating Haikus, a type of Japanese poetry about some of the predators that we have learnt about in science. Every week our Friday swimming trip is a highlight. It is lovely to see how quickly children are learning and to see their confidence bloom. Well done Year 3!

Forest school fun!

Week ending the 6th May 2022.


It’s been a busy week in Year 3 and it’s been great to see the children settling into their learning.  We have been continuing to work on our new topic “Predator” which is a science driven topic.  Children have learned about the features of carnivorous plants and how they are specifically adapted to catch their prey! In English lessons, the children have created information leaflets about their favourite predators, which they have researched carefully.  Art has been a favourite for many of the children where they finished off their birds of prey collages. They look amazing! Year 3 really enjoyed holding a Liturgy service on Wednesday after learning about the Pentecost. We explored the energy associated with the topic (fire and wind) and created our own Pin wheels which are decorated with different symbols associated with Pentecost. It has been a lot of fun!



This week we have been learning about Volcanoes and the different stages of an eruption. We looked at the continental drift and the plate boundaries. In English, we have been writing a shape poem, with the shape of a volcano.

It was international women’s day on Tuesday, so we researched Emmeline Pankhurst’s life and later in the week Mary Anning. In maths, we have been looking at money, converting pounds and pence and adding.

Week comm. 28.2.2022



Thursday was the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day and this was fully embraced by everyone at St Mary’s!

The children all dressed as characters from a variety of books and we send a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the parents who enabled this to happen.

Our day started with a whole school assembly and the hall was filled with excited readers! 

Each child participated in a variety of Reading workshops that included creating super villains, comic strips & book tokens, designing forest dioramas, acting out different book scenarios and find Wally in school to name but a few. 

At the end of a busy and very productive day the children came together to share their favourite experiences and celebrate their successes.

Together we are a family of readers!

25th Febuary 2022


This week the children have been geologists, testing samples of rock to find out if they are sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic.

We have also been learning about the layers of the Earth.

11th Febuary 2022


What way to end the term with our class assembly. The children were fantastic, they have really enjoyed learning about the Romans and finding out what the Romans gave us that we still use today.

We have been looking at Roman Gods and Goddesses and found out that Romans copied a lot from the Greeks even the Gods and Goddesses but just changed the names.


Over the last six weeks, we have been learning to play netball. They have improved every week and this week we played a full game learning and understanding the positions too.

28th January 2022

This week we have been learning our eight times table with the use of a song to help the children, the children have loved sing the song, why don’t you get them to sing it to you? It has really helped them (link to song.) Kaspian said, “He has loved the way Mr Bennett thought us the 7 and 8 times tables.”

The children are enjoying French lesson, learning the numbers from 1-10. Darcy B “ I really enjoy French, especially the numbers.”

The children have been learning to write informal letters and understanding the structure of a letter. They have been a Roman solder replying to their sister, Valeria.

21st January 2022

This week in maths, the children have been learning their 3' and 4's times-tables. Tilly said," I have enjoyed learning more about times-tables." This term the children have been doing gymnastics in PE and Austen said" I love gymnastics and all the activities we do." 

Evie told me “I love learning about the Romans."


7th January 2022


The first week back and class 3 had and explosive day on Wednesday, learning about our new topic, The Romans.

The History Project came in and explained how Julius Caesar invaded Britain, landing in Deal. We dressed up as Roman Soldiers practicing our battle cries. Raife said,” They didn’t swing their swords, they just stabbed.”  We found out about the Roman diets and how they lived.

17th December 2021


Christmas week!


The children have written poems, designed their own Christmas cards. In PE, we played team games and finished off with dodgeball. The children loved the party afternoon, displaying some great dance moves in musical statues and musical chairs, and then we settled down to watch the movie with popcorn and Doritos.



3rd December 2021

This week maths has been a bit of a challenge for the children, introducing add and subtracting 3 digit numbers, but they have worked really hard to get there. Tiffany said, “She enjoyed reading the book in guided reading as a group and answering the questions.” In English this week, we have been looking at instruction. The children had to come up with verbal instructions on how to play a familiar playground game. 

26th November 2021

This week we had Forest school and the children can’t stop talking about it. Evie said” I loved making a fire using flint and steal, it was really good fun." They all enjoyed making dens and the pendants they are hoping to stick them on their trees. Amelia said” I thought it was good and had so much fun with the assault courses."

19th November 2021


This week the class have been designing cars and parachutes, with parachutes we dropped them from different heights to see what happens. In English, we were explaining about forces writing a report on one of our investigation or practical’s. In PE this term we are dancing, the class in groups sequence a routine to show each other.

We have been investigation, playing with cars and making levers this week. The children have really enjoyed it. Tilly said,”I have enjoyed the science experiments we did this week, using different materials for a car to go down and recording the time. Kaspian said,” Really enjoyed football in PE completing different task.”

This term we start our new topic on Mighty Metals.

The children loved our trip to Marke Wood. Giving the children time to explore, thinking about how the equipment works. For example, what makes the swing move to and fro? Do all things slide down the slide at the same speed? We did little experiments while we there to answer some of the questions.

22nd October 2021

Wow! It is the end of term already. The children have worked so hard this term, learning about the Greeks.

Mia said, “I’ve enjoyed the science this week. We have been burning feathers with wax, freezing them and putting them in water.

In diversity week, we have been learning about Muhammad Ali. Some children have painted a famous photo of Muhammad Ali fight against Sonny Liston.

15th October 2021

This week year 3 have been learning about the different Greek soldiers with special attention to the Hoplite solders. We have also been finishing off our diaries of Icarus or Daedalus. Darcy P said, “I have really been enjoying maths this week, adding and subtracting 3 digits by 1 digit.

8th October 2021

This week was year 3’s Liturgy assembly, where we talked about being part of a family. Our own family, St Mary’s and Gods family. The children read their own prayers and scripture from the Bible, finishing with the song My Ten Commandments, which they sung beautifully.

Well done to Sophie, Tilly, Charlie, Kian, Darcy B, Raife and Austin.  

1st October 2021

This week we had Forest School and all the children had a great time, for some reason they have forgotten about any work we have done this week. Raife said, “I liked the flint and steal bit the best.” Brody and Kian said,” It was great to run around, find bugs and play in the trees.”

23rd September 2021


The children enjoyed the story Icarus and Daedalus and they retold the story in their own words with lovely illustrations. Sophie said, “I love this story but it is also sad.”

Raife said, “He has enjoyed maths this week, counting all the way to 1000.”

Many of the children are becoming excellent computer coders, with this terms topic in ICT is coding. Darcy B “I enjoyed helping the turtle to make a square by give it lots of commands.”


17th September 2021

In RE, the children re-enacted Millais' Carpenter's Shop picture and in turn say how they are living as a happy family. Also, the children arranged the Greek timeline in chronological order, understanding what BC and AD means.

10th September 2021


Wow! The children have come back full of enthusiasm and a positive attitude to their learning. We have be learning about the Greeks, Greek Gods, and Goddesses.

Here is what the children had to say:

This week I have enjoyed learning about the Greek Gods, especially Hades.

I have enjoyed doing map reading and finding Greece.

I have loved doing PE and sports.

I have enjoyed learning about Maths and the place value of 100.

16th July 2021


Well this is the last blog of the year; it has come round so quickly. 


The children have had so much fun this week designing their 3-D bird of prey. They had the task of constructing there design with junk modelling and then painting them. Pixie told me that she really enjoyed making the birds but it wasn’t easy as I thought it would be.

In maths we have been learning about time, which proved quite tricky for some of the class, however, by the end of the week most of the child can tell the time analog and digital. Isabelle said, “At first I found this difficult, but then Mr Bennett told us about adding or subtraction 12 which helped me”.


Thank you all for continued support.

1st July 2021

We have had a fun packed week!

Tuesday was Forest school and it was amazing. Linking our visit with our topic, we discussed UK animals that you may find in the woodlands and the countryside. The children also were able to categorise them in to herbivore, carnivore or omnivore animals, which impressed the Forest schoolteacher! Later, they made their own woodland animal.  In groups, they investigated different habitats, creating and building their chosen animals’ natural habitat.

On Wednesday, we had a special treat, enjoying the fabulous performance of Treasure Island. It was wonderful seeing the children laugh and participating in the fun.

25th June 2021


This week we have been working on adding and subtracting fractions, focusing on the numerator.

This week in our topic, we have been looking at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, putting a selection of animals and humans into the right categories. The children also produced a food chain and some were surprised at the results.

In English, the children have researched and watched some clips from Deadly 60, learning about deadly predators and their environments. The task was to write the information that they collated making sure to use the key language (for this topic) within their writing.

18th June 2021

Wow! The children have loved all the activates during Sports Week. They have  experienced new and different sports, from ultimate Frisbee, Handball to Danish Longball. All the children were fantastic during sports day, encouraging their class and other classes especially as it was a hot day too. The races did not disappoint us with some very competitive races.

A quote from Jude” This is the best week ever, so much sport to do.”

Sports Week 2021

Sports Day 2021

We also started out new topic ‘Predator!’ It’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Find out who is coming to visit. Is it a bug-munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird of prey? Whatever it is, do you think you can handle it? Learn about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, voracious Venus flytrap and looking at the food chain. This is also an excellent opportunity to watch ‘The Lion King’ to show the circle of life.

28th May 2021


This week in topic, we have been looking at the Roman invasion of Britain. A quote from Finley" I've enjoyed learning about the invasion by Julius Caesar and that they never gave up".


In RE this week, we have been discussing about making good choices and the consequences if you do not.


In maths, we are carrying on with fractions and looking at how fractions compare with decimals. Caitlynn said," This has been very challenging, but I enjoyed it and understand how they work together."


Finally, I want to wish everyone an amazing half term and I'll look forward to seeing you all back in June!  

21st May 2021


This week we have been working on fractions, focussing on tenths and the connection to decimals. Lincoln added, "I have really enjoyed learning about fractions and decimals this week."

The children especially enjoyed creating a new stamp for the Royal Mail competition to honour the hero/ heroes of the covid pandemic. Bella told us “I am so excited to design my own stamp.”


14th May 2021


This week the children really enjoyed our visit to the Forest school. Max said  "I loved building dens with my friends at Forest school. We must improve on making the den waterproof".

The class are finding the Romans very interesting, Theo said " I have enjoyed learing about how the Romans, and they they lived in brick houses which they invented, I was also surprised that only boys went to school."

7th May 2021


This week the children have been learning about Roman life, especially living in Rome. They finished off the week by writing a biography about their chosen Roman Emperor (Nero, Claudius or Constantine).


We have been looking at the Pentacost in RE and are coming to the end theme, we have been practacing a song 'Holy Spirit'.

30th April 2021


This week the children finished off our topic Rocks, Relics and Rumbles by being

part of a team of scientist, geologists and volcanologists sent to investigate the potential dangers of tectonic activity in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. The children wrote a factual report to the city council with their findings.


Next week we start our new topic of Emperors and Empires, looking at how the Romans invaded Britain. How they changed Britain and life in Roman towns.

Class 3 also enjoyed their first afterschool club with Dynamic Sports, playing different games, whilst getting the children to work together as team.

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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