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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


Week comm. 16.5.22

This week class 6 have been investigating different scientific theories about inheritance. 

They found out about the monk and scientist, Gregor Mendel, whose research using thousands of pea plants informed his theory of inheritance and supported Darwin’s theory of evolution. Next they set up a simple test to explore the differences in Darwin’s and Mendel’s ideas on inheritance. Darwin’s theory was tested by mixing yellow paint and blue paint in a bowl to make green paint, and the class discussed how, if yellow is one parent and blue is another, all offspring would be green. Next they tested Mendel’s theory by mixing yellow and blue counters in a bowl. They discovered, if each colour was the parent, offspring will be either yellow or blue, not green. There was a lot of discussion about the key differences in the two theories.

Finally, the class considered their own inheritance and identified the characteristics that they have inherited from parents or grandparents, and how they are similar to or different from their siblings.

Week commencing 09.05.22


This week year 6 have made us very proud with their focus, positivity, resilience and conscientious attitude to the KS2 SAT’s.

Their efforts were rewarded in a variety of ways yet the most exciting was eating donuts… but not being allowed to lick their lips!

Week Commencing 03.05.22


Class 6 had the pleasure of starting the week at Forest School (see our school blog) even though it wasn’t quite as warm as we expected!  Following on from last week, the children now know an abundance of facts about Charles Darwin and they completed their biographies about him on Friday, you will see in the photos below how focused the class were when completing their final draft – it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop! 

Week Commencing 25.04.22


Class 6 have started their new project ‘Darwin’s Delights’ with lots of enthusiasm.  They started the week creating a class mind map to record all the things they knew about Charles Darwin (which wasn’t much!) and then recorded questions about what they wanted to know!    The class then busily researched Charles Darwin’s life, finishing the week by recording key events on a timeline, and are now in the process of writing biographies.

Week comm. 21.3.22


This week class 6 have been learning about ‘The raising of Lazarus’ John 11:1-43.  They have read through the passage, watched a video depiction and studied the picture painted by James Martin.  They have reflected on how a loss in the family can impact everyone and discussed the different ways both themselves and others cope and manage. 


“I have a picture of my loved one on my wall.  Every time I feel said I talk to them, like I was talking to God.”  Millie



KCSP Science Day

This week class 5 & 6 participated in our academy 'Science Investigation Day' with nineteen other primary schools! 

They started the day catching up with other schools via a ‘Zoom’ meeting and were then given the question – How can you get a bottle to flip and land on its base every time?

This generated both excitement and interest in both classes and the children were able to apply their ‘Comparative Testing’ skills when investigating the question.

Children worked successfully in groups and demonstrated how they could accurately carry out the fair investigation, record their results and then apply this data to their conclusion. 

In class 6 each group compared their results and the overall class conclusion was that a bottle containing 150ml water was the most successful option.

Week comm. 07.3.22


Class 6 have been studying the topic ‘Light’ in Science this week.


To start the topic, they reflected (excuse the pun!) on their prior understanding and, in groups, the class investigated and explained: how light travels, how we see light from a light source and, also, how light reflects off different materials.





Week comm. 28.2.2022



Thursday was the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day and this was fully embraced by everyone at St Mary’s!

The children all dressed as characters from a variety of books and we send a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the parents who enabled this to happen.

Our day started with a whole school assembly and the hall was filled with excited readers! 

Each child participated in a variety of Reading workshops that included creating super villains, comic strips & book tokens, designing forest dioramas, acting out different book scenarios and find Wally in school to name but a few. 

At the end of a busy and very productive day the children came together to share their favourite experiences and celebrate their successes.

Together we are a family of readers!

Week comm. 21.2.22

Welcome back everyone – it’s Term 4 – Hola Mexico!

Class 6 have fully immersed themselves in our topic already this week and enjoyed a variety of different activities.
They have listened and played percussion along to a variety of Mexican styled music, made the Mexican fruit drink ‘Aguas frescas’ in DT, researched the ‘Dia de los Muertos’(Day of the Dead) festival and designed a ‘calaveras de azúcar’ (sugar skull).

Week comm. 7.2.22


This week class 6 have successfully completed their short narrative stories based on our topic – Frozen Kingdom.  They had the opportunity to share their work with class 3 and once again class 6 showed what fantastic story tellers they are.  Two members of the class shocked themselves as they commented on the fact that they didn’t realise how good their story sounded!! Keep up the great work class 6, enjoy the holiday and get ready for… Hola Mexico!

Week commencing 31.1.22


Class 6 were very excited this week as they had the opportunity to read story books to Class R - especially as it was National Story Telling week!

It was fantastic watching and listening to the older children use their story telling skills - intonation, fluency of reading, using different character voices and also adding actions.  Class R were great listeners and they also relished showing Class 6 their favourite books afterwards too.

Week commencing – 23.1.22

In Maths, Class 6 have reviewed their knowledge of decimals and practised multiplying decimals by 10, 100, 1000 and then different integers.  The English sessions have consisted of locating direct or reported speech in reading books, writing a paragraph using the correct punctuation for directed speech and then planning for an exciting narrative based on the our topic Frozen Kingdom.  All the children enjoyed learning about the artist Kenojuak Ashevak and they designed their block printing templates based on her simple compositions using bold lines and strong colours.

Tuesday was an outdoor day as it was Forest School – please follow the link below!


Week commencing – 17.1.22

Everyone in class 6 enjoyed the challenge homework this week – constructing an iceberg!

We had a variation of shapes and sizes that the pupils observed over the week.  The children moved the icebergs in to different environments to measure how quickly they would melt too.  The only problem was when they started to melt in the classroom it made the room feel cold!  Sophie was very reflective and commented on how if the icebergs were to melt then it could have an effect on our earth biodiversity.

In writing Class 6 wrote a character profile about a Marconi penguin and described the setting of Antarctica – this is all in preparation for story writing next week.  During the Science sessions class six reviewed their knowledge about food chains and then progressed on to learning about food webs.  They enjoyed discovering how these all linked together to make up an ecosystem.

Week commencing 10.1.22


Term 3 - Frozen Kingdom

This week has been a very productive one for Class 6!  They have been exploring the differences and similarities between the Arctic and Antarctica, researching how animals have adapted to living in these regions and identifying features on a variety of world maps.  Also in art the children successfully sketched and shaded 3D ice cubes and their pictures were really ‘cool’!!

Week commencing 13.12.21

Christmas Week!

Class 6 have excelled in showing off their D.T. skills this week and looked like they enjoyed our party afternoon too!

Activities this week have included painting based on John 1:14-18, parachute games in P.E., Elfie Selfies, The Chocolate Game and building their very own real life Olaf's!!


Week commencing 6.12.21


This week in Class 6…


A challenge was set for the children to construct a Morse code machine using their knowledge of circuits.  They successfully used different electrical components and tested out their Morse code understanding by sending messages to each other!



On Wednesday the children had a visitor in school – George from The History Project.  They enjoyed sharing their learning about World War Two with him and had lots of further questions to ask.


Also this week Class 6 successfully created Spitfires in D.T and wrote atmospheric paragraphs describing how the end of the war may have felt for those involved.  

To complete the week Class 5 & 6 performed an assortment of Carols and songs at their Christmas Carols Service at St John’s Evangelist Church.  They all sang with enthusiasm and joy, which was reflected in the applause and cheers from the audience!  Well done Class 6 – it was a pleasure to listen to you all.

Week commencing 28.12.21


The start of Advent

Class 6 have been reflecting on the importance of Advent and what the true meaning of Christmas is.  They studied a painting by Steve Henderson 'These gifts are better than toys' and identified what the picture signifies.

'This picture represents that Christmas is not all about Santa and presents but about giving and thinking of Jesus' birth.' - Sophia

'The light is shining on Jesus so it's showing the light of the world.' - May


This image can be found on the Steve Henderson website below


Week commencing 22.11.21



Class 6 have continued learning about World War Two and this week they discovered what rations were!  They learned about foods which were unavailable, discovered the amounts of food that were allocated and even tasted canned 'Bacon Grill' sandwiches!

"I didn't like the condensed milk - it was disgusting!" - Finley

"I didn't want to try anything and would rather have grown my own food!" - Reggie

Oh dear boys!


Week commencing 15.11.21


The Blitz Artwork

Class 6 studied the iconic picture of St Paul's Cathedral during The Blitz and re-created the image using hand made stencils and chalk.

Enjoying the outdoor life during Forest School

on Tuesday - especially the marshmallows!

Week Commencing 8.11.21


This week Class 6 have been focusing on how evacuee's and their parents may have felt when leaving home at the beginning of World War 2.  They have been busy researching where the children had to evacuate to, how they travelled there and what was different in these locations.  To complete the week Class 6 imagined they were an evacuee and wrote letters to post home - which they actually did!!

Week Commencing 1.11.21


Welcome back - it's Term 2! 

Our topic is 'A Child's War' and Year 6 will be learning all about World War 2.  


This week Class 6 got their walking shoes on and headed down to the local pier to meet the knowledgeable George from the History Project!


George explained many different World War 2 facts that are linked to our lovely town, he encouraged the children to imagine how it must have felt for the residents in Deal during the war and even got the class marching like soldiers along the pier!


Week commencing 18.10.21

This week class six have been researching and learning all about the author Malorie Blackman.  

"I can't believe that Malorie Blackman wrote a Doctor Who episode!"  Amelia-Grace

"Malorie faced different adversity in her life and I am impressed that she wrote about black characters in her books for children before anyone else." Nevaeh


Also, we finished reading our class novel - Pig Heart Boy.  The book has been a firm favourite, creating in-depth and reflective discussions within class.

"My favourite part of the books was the ending - it was left on a really big cliff-hanger. I want to know the ending!" Max

"I liked knowing the character Cameron received a heart transplant, it was an interesting story." Phoebe

Week commencing 11.10.21


This week Class 6 had a visitor from the Fire & Rescue Service, as it is 'Restart a Heart Day' on 16th October 2021.  Class 6 were given the opportunity to learn and practise how to perform CPR and also instructed on how to use a defibrillator.


"It was hard work pushing to the beat of 'Baby Shark' on the dummy!" Kiaa


"I thought it was great that we had the opportunity to learn CPR, as you never know we may need to use it one day in the future." Harvey


Further information on the national day can be found at the address below.


Week commencing - 4.10.21


In Science, Class 6 have been investigating 'Does the width of a vein affect the flow of blood?'.  They achieved this by constructing two cups with different sized tubes inserted within them (3mm & 6mm) and then timed how long it took for the water the flow - see pictures below.

"I liked watching the water flow out of the tube and getting the timing right!" - Kian

"I enjoyed timing the flow but was shocked that the 6mm flowed faster as I had predicted the 3mm would be quicker." - Jack


During the English session Class 6 have been creating 'Shape Poems' all about how the blood flows and the shape/colour of the heart.  They had brain-stormed lots of ideas together and then used different description including lots of onomatopoeias! 

"I enjoyed creating rhymes within my poem." - Millie

All of the children were very pleased with their final drafts and agreed they look effective. 


Week commencing - 27.9.21

Class 6 have been busy this week editing and improving their non-chronological reports and producing the 'final draft'. All children used writing checklists, made appropriate changes and had their writing read to them to ensure it sounded formal.  During the Maths sessions they have all reviewed their knowledge of multiplying a 4-digit by a 2-digit number and have excelled at transferring this skill into different reasoning and problem-solving questions.  During RE Class 6 have learnt about the story of The Prodigal Son and have thoughtfully reflected on how unconditional love is the central theme to the story, and also how they can apply the same ideals within their own lives.

Week commencing 20.9.21


Another busy week for Class 6!  This week they have been writing non-chronological reports, scanning different texts, reviewing negative numbers, problem solving with addition and subtraction, making blood (Yes - making blood!) and researching the components of blood.....phew!  Oh and participating in Forest School too!!


Highlights of the week were

"I enjoyed sitting in the branches of the trees it was relaxing and I felt sleepy!" - Sophie

"I really enjoyed playing in the forest, making 'soup' for our pretend family!" - Scarlett

"I liked watching the flame, it was mesmerizing." - Emelia

"I was not expecting to make blood!" - Jack

"My brain would not stop working when writing my report, I had too many ideas." - Rhys


And to top the week off Nevaeh found a frog and brought it into the classroom - and then it jumped (which scared the class teacher!).




Week commencing 13th September 2021.


This week Year 6 have had the pleasure of looking after Pickles the Punctuality Pup, as they were in 'on-time' all last week.  They are going to try and repeat this so Pickles will stay in Class 6!  Music has been a focus this week and the children have been learning notes to play on the Glockenspiel. Sophie said she enjoyed the sound of the instrument but when everyone played together it was very loud! 

Class 6 have shown what fantastic readers they are, as they have led both a Class Liturgy to the whole school and been included within Mass at church.  Millie enjoyed encouraging the children to sing and dance to the song and Erin said that when writing a prayer it made her think of others.


Wow! What a great first week for Year 6!


Our Topic this term is called Blood Heart and the children started the week by learning all about the heart - they even held a real pig's heart and dissected it after (see photos below!). 

"It felt cold, slippery and heavy" - Sophia

"At first I was disgust but after holding the heart I felt confident!" - Jack 


In Maths, the pupils have been reviewing Place Value and reading, recording and ordering numbers up to 1 million.

"It was fun learning numbers up to one million and a good start to Year 6!" - Harvey


Other activities this week included Art whereby the pupils listened to the sound of a heart beating and created abstract art pictures based on the artist Kandinsky.  They also sculpted hearts from clay and used a variety of tools to add intricate detail.

"I could shape the heart using my hands and it was good to have a real heart to copy." - Emelia






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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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