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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


Week commencing 18.10.21

This week class six have been researching and learning all about the author Malorie Blackman.  

"I can't believe that Malorie Blackman wrote a Doctor Who episode!"  Amelia-Grace

"Malorie faced different adversity in her life and I am impressed that she wrote about black characters in her books for children before anyone else." Nevaeh


Also, we finished reading our class novel - Pig Heart Boy.  The book has been a firm favourite, creating in-depth and reflective discussions within class.

"My favourite part of the books was the ending - it was left on a really big cliff-hanger. I want to know the ending!" Max

"I liked knowing the character Cameron received a heart transplant, it was an interesting story." Phoebe

Week commencing 11.10.21


This week Class 6 had a visitor from the Fire & Rescue Service, as it is 'Restart a Heart Day' on 16th October 2021.  Class 6 were given the opportunity to learn and practise how to perform CPR and also instructed on how to use a defibrillator.


"It was hard work pushing to the beat of 'Baby Shark' on the dummy!" Kiaa


"I thought it was great that we had the opportunity to learn CPR, as you never know we may need to use it one day in the future." Harvey


Further information on the national day can be found at the address below.


Week commencing - 4.10.21


In Science, Class 6 have been investigating 'Does the width of a vein affect the flow of blood?'.  They achieved this by constructing two cups with different sized tubes inserted within them (3mm & 6mm) and then timed how long it took for the water the flow - see pictures below.

"I liked watching the water flow out of the tube and getting the timing right!" - Kian

"I enjoyed timing the flow but was shocked that the 6mm flowed faster as I had predicted the 3mm would be quicker." - Jack


During the English session Class 6 have been creating 'Shape Poems' all about how the blood flows and the shape/colour of the heart.  They had brain-stormed lots of ideas together and then used different description including lots of onomatopoeias! 

"I enjoyed creating rhymes within my poem." - Millie

All of the children were very pleased with their final drafts and agreed they look effective. 


Week commencing - 27.9.21

Class 6 have been busy this week editing and improving their non-chronological reports and producing the 'final draft'. All children used writing checklists, made appropriate changes and had their writing read to them to ensure it sounded formal.  During the Maths sessions they have all reviewed their knowledge of multiplying a 4-digit by a 2-digit number and have excelled at transferring this skill into different reasoning and problem-solving questions.  During RE Class 6 have learnt about the story of The Prodigal Son and have thoughtfully reflected on how unconditional love is the central theme to the story, and also how they can apply the same ideals within their own lives.

Week commencing 20.9.21


Another busy week for Class 6!  This week they have been writing non-chronological reports, scanning different texts, reviewing negative numbers, problem solving with addition and subtraction, making blood (Yes - making blood!) and researching the components of blood.....phew!  Oh and participating in Forest School too!!


Highlights of the week were

"I enjoyed sitting in the branches of the trees it was relaxing and I felt sleepy!" - Sophie

"I really enjoyed playing in the forest, making 'soup' for our pretend family!" - Scarlett

"I liked watching the flame, it was mesmerizing." - Emelia

"I was not expecting to make blood!" - Jack

"My brain would not stop working when writing my report, I had too many ideas." - Rhys


And to top the week off Nevaeh found a frog and brought it into the classroom - and then it jumped (which scared the class teacher!).




Week commencing 13th September 2021.


This week Year 6 have had the pleasure of looking after Pickles the Punctuality Pup, as they were in 'on-time' all last week.  They are going to try and repeat this so Pickles will stay in Class 6!  Music has been a focus this week and the children have been learning notes to play on the Glockenspiel. Sophie said she enjoyed the sound of the instrument but when everyone played together it was very loud! 

Class 6 have shown what fantastic readers they are, as they have led both a Class Liturgy to the whole school and been included within Mass at church.  Millie enjoyed encouraging the children to sing and dance to the song and Erin said that when writing a prayer it made her think of others.


Wow! What a great first week for Year 6!


Our Topic this term is called Blood Heart and the children started the week by learning all about the heart - they even held a real pig's heart and dissected it after (see photos below!). 

"It felt cold, slippery and heavy" - Sophia

"At first I was disgust but after holding the heart I felt confident!" - Jack 


In Maths, the pupils have been reviewing Place Value and reading, recording and ordering numbers up to 1 million.

"It was fun learning numbers up to one million and a good start to Year 6!" - Harvey


Other activities this week included Art whereby the pupils listened to the sound of a heart beating and created abstract art pictures based on the artist Kandinsky.  They also sculpted hearts from clay and used a variety of tools to add intricate detail.

"I could shape the heart using my hands and it was good to have a real heart to copy." - Emelia






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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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