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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


Week ending 21st January '22


Our learning focus this week has been on the Great Fire of London! In English we have been making bread rolls by following a recipe. We've then learnt about writing instructions, firstly putting them in the right order, then writing our own instructions using bossy verbs!


We have gone back in time in history to investigate where the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We are really looking forward to making our city of London with Tudor houses and some of you have already sent me pictures of your model! Great job! We have learnt to sing in a round while learning 'London's Burning' and have listened to Oranges and Lemons and London Bridge is Falling down in our music lessons.


We have started 'time monitors' in class this week. Time is a tricky concept to master in maths and is best learnt with a little and often approach. So each week, three children will wear the class watches for the week and tell us when we are at o'clock, half past and eventually quarter to and quarter past. Please could you support you children in looking at clocks and reminding them what these times look like. Have a great weekend - the class deserves a rest!

Week ending 14th January '22


This week we have been learning all about the different types of transport that you might need to use to travel to and around London. We have looked at some of the sights we would like to visit and we learned how to write questions so that we could interview Mrs Parnham about her recent trip to the Capital!


We have been making models of some of the sights we would like to visit - like the Gherkin, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.


This week we have also been talking about our favourite books and I will be asking the children to take it in turns to bring in theirs to share with the class. Here are a couple from this week!

The children are really enjoying learning about London and I know some of you are planning trips to visit! Please take lots of photos for us to be able to share in the fun!

Week ending 7th January 


What a fantastic first week we have all had! Our new topic is Bright Lights, Big City and we have been excitedly looking forward to our tea party with the Queen. 


We have been learning about the countries that make up the United Kingdom and what their flags look like. We have even designed our own flags. We have been reading Katie in London and travelling with the Trafalgar lion around some of the sights.


In Maths we are counting forwards and backwards within 20 and learning how to write the corresponding number words. RE has helped us think of who is in our community and of the people who help us.


Week ending 10th December 

What a strange way to end the week, no one was expecting that!

We had rehearsing to do and story writing to finish.  Our activities may have been Christmas themed but the children have still been working hard.  With brilliant pattern work, finishing off our maths shape unit and some fab phonics sessions they have done really well.  The children are enjoying the new Little Wandle reading sessions and have made great progress in their reading.  Hopefully we will have lots of fun next week to keep us warm :@)

Week ending 3rd December

We have been very busy practicing our Nativity performance, I am sure you are going to love it!  It Maths we have been exploring 3D & 2D shapes.  In English we have been writing our own science fiction stories.  We had time to paint our Beegu models now they were dry too!  



Week ending 26th November

Oh my goodness! A very topsy turvy week as the yucky germs caused all types of trouble.

The children were great though and worked well considering there were lots of changes to their routine.  They learned about adverts and wrote their own to sell a moon buggy toy.  In maths they continued to learn about subtraction.  They have been practicing our Nativity songs well, they are excited to perform.  

Fingers crossed we are all better for the run up to Christmas.  

Week ending 19th November

My goodness what a week! Poorly people everywhere!

The germs really hit us in Class 1 this week, children and adults.  We did manage to send a message to aliens using a circuit, which was very exciting and I was impressed with the classes science skills.  The children wrote reports about space and ordered the planets in our solar system.  The supply teacher left me a lovely note to say what a lovely class they are and they did us all proud.  Well done everyone. 


Week ending 12th November

The children have been working really hard in maths as we move onto subtraction.  They wrote some brilliant subtraction stories for us all to solve.  

We have been thinking about the alien that crashed last week, what do we think he looks like and what is he doing here? We have been writing descriptions and made some brilliant models of Beegu, a friendly alien from our story.  In science we sorted materials, we know that a boat should not be made of cardboard and that a glass bouncy ball would not be a good idea! In geography we learned about direction so that we could guide the alien home, we directed our friends around the space terrain (playground) to practice. 

Week ending 5th November

An exciting week to launch our new topic 'Moon Zoom'.  On Tuesday the children had to investigate what had happened in our play area.  They think an alien had crash landed at school.  Today some of the children were convinced they had seen a strange black figure, sure to be an alien lurking around the church!!  The children have written posters to put up asking the other classes if they have any information.  In science we investigated the samples left behind at the crash site.


Week ending 22nd October 2021.


Wow, what a week to finish our first term in year 1!

We have had a very busy week and it has been such a pleasure to be able to show you what we have been learning about during our term though our open afternoon. 

The children have been very busy making their museum boxes, clay fossil prints and wrapping up our dinosaur topic.  


Today we did the sponsored bounce and the children were all fantastic. Well done!

Wishing you all a safe and happy half term and we look forward to seeing you next term. 

Week ending Friday 15th October

Oh my goodness, what a busy week!

We have had so much fun and learning this week with Forest school and our first school trip.  We have been busy getting our museum ready for our special visitors next week too.

We look forward to sharing with you all we have learned in our Dinosaur Planet topic.  

Thursday 14th October

Check out our Fossil Hunting photos on the Gallery Page

Tuesday 12th October- Forest school.


A wonderful forest school session had by all of Class 1 today.

We had great fun exploring many activities including wand making, bug hunting, tree climbing, making mud soup and a story round the campfire.
The children showed great independence and problem solving skills by designing and building dens, and solving the gutter challenge by getting water from one end to the other in the woods. 



Friday 7th October


Guess who won the first 'Class of the Week Sports award!!!

Class 1 for their improved spatial awareness and fantastic team work.  i am so proud of them all and it was well deserved. 

Week ending Friday 7th October


In has been a topsy turvy week for us all this week!

The class dinosaur has gone missing so we have written lost posters that have been put up around the school to see if anyone has seen him.  The children have been working hard on making their own dinosaur movies and we look forward to an opportunity soon to share them with you.  In maths they have been ordering numbers and learning about ordinal numbers.

Week ending 1.10.21

We have enjoyed another busy week! We have painted our dinosaur eggs this week and they look brilliant. We learned about the different patterns some dinosaurs lay their eggs in.  We have been writing our own dinosaur stories in English, really thinking about setting and characters.  In maths, we have been using > greater than < less than and = symbols. We made our own number muncher to eat the blocks, he only wants the biggest number! We also had a go at programming the Beebot.



Week ending 24.9.21

Another strange week with a cold bug wiping us out this time! 

We have had some great learning this week with the children really enjoying their 'poo' experiment (see below) and making dinosaur eggs from clay. We will look forward to painting them next week and arranging them in the same strange ways as some of the dinosaurs we have been learning about.  


20.9.21 Who's Poo? Science Investigation photos are in the gallery

Week ending 17.9.21

Another week has flown by so quickly!

I am so impressed with the learning that has taken place this week, they are all trying so hard to meet their new challenges.

I thought I'd share their poem we wrote together this morning;


The T-Rex is as big as the Eiffel Tower,

with teeth the size of Big Ben!

His skin is as rough as brick and stone,

he eats a thousand men.

His roar is as loud as a volcano,

you can hear it as far as the moon.

Thank goodness he lived a long time ago,

we wouldn't want to smell his poo!!!


In Maths we have been practicing using ten frames to count on and back. 

Week ending Friday 10.9.21

Oh my goodness what a busy week to start us off in Class 1! 

The children have been fantastic, we have just picked up from where we left off which has led to a smooth start to our new adventure.

We have started our Dinosaur Planet topic with a fun dinosaur hunt and have written some great sentences about what we have been finding out.  In Maths we have been sorting and counting.  Yesterday we made the most beautiful dinosaur landscapes from natural materials, I was really proud of them all!




Take a look at our landscapes in the gallery page!

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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