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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


Week Ending 20th May

We've had another fabulous fortnight in Class R. As part of our Big Wide World topic, we have been exploring habitats and climates. This began with making our own climate maps, and has developed into exploration of animal facts. It has been very exciting! 

In maths, we have continued to investigate numbers to 20, and have tested out using number sentences to write down our thinking. 

Our mini topic, Splash, has also been fascinating. We became composers, conductors and members of the Class R Philharmonic, learning about music and enjoying some classical tunes about water, before making up some of our own. 

We also created boats, testing out if things are water-proof, or are not, before designing and making our own craft. 

We have a week left until the holidays, and lots more learning to do, thank you for all your continued enthusiasm and enjoyment!

Class R Philharmonic

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Week Ending 29th April

In our first few weeks back from Easter, we have begun learning all about our new topic, Big Wide World. We have explored what life is like in other countries, with a particular focus on The Gambia and our class story 'Fatou, Fetch the Water' by Neil Griffiths. We learnt about how life in Deal and The Gambia is the same, and is different. 

We also explored food in different countries, whilst practicing our measuring and weighing skills by making our own pizzas. This was a delicious challenge! 

We are beginning to learn how to say "hello" in different languages, and explored some of the different flags of the world. 

We got our dance moves going, learning some traditional West African dance moves, and playing the Djembe, a drum from the same region. 

Then, on Friday we had a visit from Fantastic Fred, as part of NHS mental health awareness, and learnt about how Food, Rest, Exercise and Devices can all contribute to our quality of mental health. 
It has been a whirlwind two weeks, and we have so much more to learn coming up!

Week Ending 11th March

This week in Class R, we have been busy finding out loads about butterflies. We received some real caterpillars, which we are now monitoring in our classroom, and hoping to release when they become butterflies. To support our learning of them, we read the story 'My Butterfly Bouquet' by Nicola Davies and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle, finding out more about the life-cycle of a butterfly. We will continue our exploring of bugs this week, learning about spiders, ladybirds, bumblebees and many other exciting creepy crawlies. 

In RE, we have all made our own Lenten Promises, reflecting on Fr Leo's message to us to pray more, be kind, and love. 

It was an exciting week, take a look at our images! 


Week comm. 28.2.2022



Thursday was the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day and this was fully embraced by everyone at St Mary’s!

The children all dressed as characters from a variety of books and we send a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the parents who enabled this to happen.

Our day started with a whole school assembly and the hall was filled with excited readers! 

Each child participated in a variety of Reading workshops that included creating super villains, comic strips & book tokens, designing forest dioramas, acting out different book scenarios and find Wally in school to name but a few. 

At the end of a busy and very productive day the children came together to share their favourite experiences and celebrate their successes.

Together we are a family of readers!

Week Ending 25th February

It has been great to welcome everyone back following our half-term break. Class R have been busy this week, learning all about flowers and plants. We explored what plants need to grow, and the parts of a flower. We then planted some of our own seeds outside, before making CD reflectors to scare away birds and protect our seeds. 

Next week, we will be looking at how plants, such as trees, change and grow throughout the year, and some science environments involving flowers. 

In RE this week, we completed our learning about the Church by exploring the mass, and discussing the role of the priest. As we now begin Lent on the coming Wednesday, we will be joining the whole school during the Ash Wednesday mass and exploring what Lent is. 

In Maths, we have been exploring addition, and how to make numbers 9 and 10. This will continue next week. 

It's great to have you all back!

Week Ending 11th February 2022

This week in Class R we have been journeying through the Gruffalo's wood, exploring the story of 'The Gruffalo's Child'. This has led us to create story maps, puppets and maps of the woods. We have greatly enjoyed this story. 

In maths, we have been learning about how to use a ten frame, and have used it to help us find our number bonds to 10. We have used dice to make this more fun, and have been playing some games outside to practice our number bonds extra hard. 

It was also our turn to go to Forest School. This was amazing! We built dens, lit a fire, and toasted marshmallows. If you wish to know more about this, or see some of our photos, please check out the Forest School page on the school website. 

Have a great half-term. When we return from the holidays we are beginning our new topic, 'Sunshine and Sunflowers', and will be doing lots of planting and growing. I cannot wait! 

Week Ending 28th Jan

This week in Class R has been a busy one! We have been rocketing around the Solar System, gathering facts from all of the planets to build factfiles. Did you know that Venus is covered in volcanoes and lava?!

In maths, we have been exploring capacity, and the key vocab of full, empty, half full, and half empty. 

We also launched our brand new Construction Wall, with models on display and pictures showing how we made our wonderful creations.

Week Ending 21st January 2022

This week we have been learning about Nocturnal animals, and made factfiles on bats and owls. We watched some amazing videos, and explored some non-fiction books to learn more. It was all very exciting. 

In maths, we learnt about heavy and light, and used the balance scales to order and compare the weights of different objects. 

We also did some baking this week, listening to instructions, following a recipe, and taking turns. Have a look below to see our baking skills! 

Week Ending 14th January 2022

This week in Class R we have been exploring the jobs that some people do at night time, and shared the jobs that we would like to do when we grow up. It was great to hear all of the dreams and aspirations the children have. 

We then went puppet crazy. We made our favourite characters, built a theatre and even began selling tickets and food for performances. The number of characters who ate sweeties which turned them into frogs, mice and all sorts of other characters was amazing to watch!

Week ending 7th January

Reception Class headed off to space this week to launch our new Starry Skies topic.  We read 'Whatever Next' and decided we should go to space just like Baby Bear.  We landed on different planets and even had to run from some aliens. 



We have been learning about nocturnal animals and thinking about what happens when we go to sleep. We have been currant buns, speckled frogs, flying saucers and naughty monkeys in maths!  It was a great start to the new term. 


Week Ending 3rd December 2021

This week we have been finishing our learning on Fairy Tales. We explored the new stories of Snow White, The Gingerbread Man and The Princess and the Pea. By the end of the week, the children had begun writing their own stories, thinking about a beginning, middle and end. 

In RE, we explored the concept of advent, why it is a special time and what an advent wreath is. We then discussed images of the Annunciation, and why Mary is such a special person. 

We also hosted our Family Reading Afternoon, and it was wonderful to see so many of you attend. The children get so much from seeing you as reading role models, and they love having you in their classroom. Thank you again for your continued and wonderful support.

Week Ending 19th November 2021

This week we have focused on the Fairy Tales, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'The Three Little Pigs'. This led to us making our own bridge models, using both the junk model materials indoors and the blocks and crates outdoors. To do this, we explored materials and their properties, learnt about bridges in the real world and worked as a team. 

We also began learning about 2D shapes this week, creating our own 2D Shape Monsters. The children learnt about 'sides' and 'corners' and we discussed the differences between squares and rectangles. 

Next week, we will continue learning about 2D shapes and are also going to be reading the Fairy Tale 'Cinderella'. 

Week Ending 12th November

The end to a brilliant week in Class R. This week we continued exploring the Fairy Tales of 'Goldilocks' and 'Red Riding Hood'. The children practiced making porridge recipes, and we discussed about what a healthy breakfast looks like. Later in the week, we created Wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf, and then drew and labelled our favourite Fairy Tale Characters. 

In RE, we again examined Baptism, re-enacting a Baptism ceremony, before discussing an image of John the Baptist and Jesus, exploring why Baptism is a central part of Catholic life. 

Week Ending 5th November 2021

It has been fabulous having Class R back from the holidays, seeming re-charged and ready to learn again. This week began our new topic 'Once Upon a Time', and this half-term we will be learning all about Fairy Tales. All week we prepared for our visitors on Friday, who were characters from the three stories we had read. It was brilliant to meet Goldilocks, The Big Bad Wolf and The Wicked Witch, and the children came up with loads of brilliant interview questions for them. 

In RE, we discussed how we are all a part of God's family, and spoke about how he welcomes us into his family.

Week Ending 22nd October 2021


An end to a wonderful week, and the end to a wonderful first half-term. Well done to all of the children, starting at a new school is never easy, but the excitement, happiness and learning that they have shown has been outstanding. Thank you also to all of our families for the support and engagement this half-term, we look forward to the rest of the year being just as great as this first half-term. 

Highlights this week have been the amazing learning we have done as part of Diversity Week. This included learning about Aboriginal Art, exploring the similarities between us and a school in Jamaica, and reading the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The freeze frames of the story were particularly impressive. The children's kindness and empathy for others really shone through. 

Have a restful and safe break, we look forward to seeing you all again on November 2nd!

Week Ending 15th October

This week in Class R has been amazing. We have built dens, tested Lego boats, and explored Australian Aboriginal art. Even with all that amazing learning happening, the highlight was undoubtedly the Family Reading Morning. It was joyous to see so many of our families able to attend. The children loved every second and seeing them enjoy books with you all was something very special to see. 

One week till half-term, and I am staggered at how quick this year is going already! Next week we have our Teddy Bear Picnic and will be exploring the parable of the Good Samaritan. 

Week Ending 8th October 2021

This week in Class R has been another impressive one, full of learning and enthusiasm. A particular highlight was the children all taking part in a fantastic Autumn Hunt. Mrs Conyers led our class around the school, finding leaves, conkers, helicopters, and other Autumn wonders. The children were buzzing with the discoveries, and used their finds to create stunning artwork, inspired by our book 'Leaf Man'. It was brilliant to hear the children's knowledge of Autumn and see their skills as artists. 


In RE, we explored what prayer is, why we make prayers and why prayer is so special. We began making morning prayers every day, with the children sharing their own prayers for people they would like God to look after and help. It has been joyous to see the children be so thoughtful and caring on this topic. 


Next week, we will be exploring everyday materials in science, planting some seeds in our vegetable garden and becoming actors on our stage.

Week Ending 1st October


Another fabulous and energetic week in Class R. This week our class was buzzing with the sound of mystery! Our class teddy Rubble was missing, with only a trail of footprints left behind. The hunt for The Bear was on! This led us to practice map making, binocular creating, wanted posters, trap building and even go on our very own Bear Hunt. Luckily, by Friday Rubble was back with us - but the children had a wonderful time and did loads of amazing learning!


In RE, we explored Baptism further, and spoke about the importance of the Baptismal font, washing away sin, and the baptismal candle, representing new light and faith in our lives. 

Week Ending 24th September 2021


The end of another week, and I am proud to say yet again that the children have been wonderful!


We explored the Baptism, why it is important for Catholics and what role a Godparent plays in our lives. We are hoping to visit our new priest, Father Matthew, some time in Autumn Term 2 (after half-term) where we will hopefully be able to see a real font and learn more about our local church. We also learnt the song, 'We Welcome You to This Place'. This was joyous, with the children remembering the lyrics better than I could!


We have been reading the story, 'Pumpkin Soup', receiving letters from the characters, cooking our own pumpkin soup, and talking about friendship. A highlight of this was on Wednesday afternoon, when we learnt how to do freeze frames. This activity helped us to understand the emotions and thoughts of each character. It was brilliant to see the children being so thoughtful and engaged in the story, and their acting skills were top notch! I look forward to seeing the children in a Hollywood Blockbuster when they grow up.


We cannot wait to see you all again on Monday, thank you for your continued support. 

Week Ending 17th September 2021


Our first full week in Class R, and a brilliant success. The children have been grown-up and impressive at lunchtimes, with both Mrs Conyers and Julie impressed. In our classroom, the learning has been great. Our class is full of busy-little learners, buzzing around enjoying our learning opportunities.

Some highlights...

The children's first RE sessions were really special. We shared our knowledge of God, and spoke about how God knows and loves us. George explained, "Jesus died on the cross. He's everyone's father, he's important to us." Hearing the children then ask God to look after their loved ones was very special, particularly Chloe, who asked God to take care of all of her friends in Class R. 

It has also been a joy to see the children so engaged and motivated in phonics, with the Jolly Phonics actions a particular favourite. 

We are excited for another week of learning on Monday, where we will be reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup', continuing our practice of counting, and beginning to explore the Baptism in RE. 

Week Ending 10th September 2021

What an amazing start to our school year! Class R have started wonderfully. It is rare that the beginning of a school year in reception goes as smoothly as this, and the children should be praised for this. They are all showing themselves to be kind, grown-up and ready for school. Our class has been full of busy-little learners, ready to take on new challenges and try their best. 

This week, we have had a focus on how to be a good friend, on our classroom rules, and how to reach the superstar. One book which helped us to think about those things was, 'The Selfish Crocodile'. The children spoke about how to be kind to each other, and how to share our toys - NOT like the Selfish Crocodile! 

We also began doing our phonics practice, beginning with the sounds, s/a/t/p/i/n . We practised recognising, saying and writing these letters. Next week, we will do sounds, m/d/g/o/c . If you are unsure what phonics is, or how to help your child at home, then the Family Workshop on Thursday 16th of September will tell you more. 

Keep checking Dojo where posts will be more regular, and if you have any questions please just ask myself or Mrs Conyers at the beginning or the end of the day.

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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