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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Class 4 Blog


The last full week of the academic year was an eventful one!  Class 4 were enthusiastic to learn and have not failed to succeed in all their efforts. 


Activities this week included designing instruments and making them, competing in the potted sports challenge, a class match of kwik cricket, sketching musical instruments and learning about different angles.   


Kian created a steel pan drum - "I loved making it with tin foil and putting rice inside!"

Reggie created a guitar - "I enjoyed playing the guitar after!"


A massive WELL DONE to every member of the class.



This week Class 4 have been busy learning about Circuits.  They were challenged to make a circuit whereby the light turn on and off using a switch - some pupils where successful too!  Maths has been all about Statistics this week and the children have been introduced to Line Graphs.  

Harry B said that graphs always have two axis and these are called y and x!


The pupils were lucky enough to take part in a Science display in school and they particularly enjoyed making and eating sweets!  And last but not least, they have completed the final drafts of their instruction writing, each pupil peer marked another book and they made fantastic improvements too.  


Great job...again Class 4!



Class 4 have been studying about the 'Bridges of Friendship' in the RE sessions, they have identified what makes a good friend and also recreated Monet's Water Lilies painting.  

In Maths Class 4 have excelled in telling the time in either Digital or Analogue, the competition was fierce when playing 'Tell the time to min' in the game Last man Standing - ask them all about it! 

In addition to this, the class have started planning their instructions for making a string telephone cup - ready to write next week!

In cricket Class 4 have been practising their bowling skills and attempting to hit the stump.  There were a few children that did this 3 times in a row (check out the Star of the Week to see one of them!).



What a fantastic week we have had in Class 4!  The children have been investigating the different aspects of 'Sound' and were all fully immersed in their learning during our Class Science Day on Wednesday.  Here are just a few of things they have learnt...


"Sounds have high and low pitches," - James.

"You can make a telephone from cups and string and our voices make vibrations and the sound waves travel down the string," - Scarlett & Tiana.

"The bigger the gap the harder it is to hear someone clapping," - Harry.

"I enjoyed the clapping fair test!" - Yvonne.

"I liked talking through the cups as I have never done it before!" - Kian


Check out some of the photos below and feel free to ask the children about what they now know!


In addition to this, the class have designed their own concert posters, recapped and developed their understanding of time, participated in dodgeball and cricket games and have been introduced to the instrumental tale of Peter and Wolf.


Great job Class 4!  



This week was all about sports! Class 4 have participated in a variety of activities which included golf, team building games, dodgeball and football rounders (please scroll down to the photos below).  Every member of the class displayed excellent team skills and individual resilience when trying something new.  In addition to this Class 4 have produced fantastic poems based on their hero's, learnt about different beats in a bar during music and continued to learn new Latin words.



Oh wow, it is the first week back of the final academic term!  This term Class 4's learning is all based on the theme 'Playlist'.  They will be discovering different genres of music, sharing their favourite songs and learning about sound.


The class have enjoyed singing along to a song called 'Everybody loves Saturday night' and they learnt about the pulse and the rhythm, please ask them to show you at home!


The class have also recognised that money calculations are the same as decimals, but they are all starting to realise that when subtracting you can also add - arghhh!!


This week Class 4 created their very own Sea Monsters! They had to identify the creature's habitat (including which layer of the Ocean it lived in and the depth range), size, prey and predators!

In Maths it's been all about the decimals....again! Comparing, ordering and the representation of halves and quarters.

Through RE Class 4 have produced a story book all about Paul's Journeys and they even chose to reenact the story in the class assembly.


Class 4 have had a busy week... again!  They successfully completed their dilemma stories and used their editing skills to the full!  

During topic they have researched all about the Great Barrier Reef - ready for a class debate on the effects of climate change and other dangers.  In addition to this they have classified different life forms that live in the oceans, recognised that energy passes through food chains and learnt how the clown fish have adapted to their habitat.

Maths has been a continuation of learning about decimals, focusing on hundredths and its value compared to tenths - can you remember which one is the smallest amount?!




Wow - what a week of writing Class 4 have had!  All of the pupils have successfully written an underwater dilemma story, based around the topic 'Blue Abyss'.

Here are some of the features that the children have used in their writing that they are proud of:

Using a question in the story (Yvonne)

Using adverbs at the start of a sentence (Yasmin) 

Using a variety of adjectives (Theo)

Correct punctuation (Charlie)

Short snappy sentences (Issy)

The next step is to check through their writing and complete the final draft!


In P.E. this week the children have been practising the push pass and hit pass in hockey, they certainly know how to execute the 'hit pass' but need reminding to look out for others too!



This week in Class 4 we have been learning about decimals, the latitude & longitude lines around the Earth and dilemma stories!


The children have been really enjoying learning all about the decimal values. 

Kaelan said "Decimals are just the same as fractions!" and Ethan reminded us all that "Whole numbers go to the left and decimals go to the right of the decimal point!". 


Please find the link below to the Decimal Song that Class 4 have been singing along to all week (Warning: It's a bit catchy!).




This week the children in Class 4 have started the topic 'Blue Abyss'.  They have successfully researched the oceans and bordering continents, learnt about the layers of the ocean and sketched different sea creatures.

Last week our P.E. sessions with Dynamic Sports started and Class 4 have learnt to play Goal Ball, the children enjoyed finding out how far they could throw but found it difficult to walk instead of run!

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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