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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Class 4 Blog

Year 4's version of the poem 'Still I Rise'


Still I Rise By Year 4

You may provoke and torment, tease me.

With mocking laughter, painful hits, your lies.

You may push me down into the mud,

But, like a flaming phoenix,

I rise.


Just like the wings on a hummingbird,

With the spirit of the blazing sun chasing the shadows,

Just like dreams springing from your imagination,

I rise.


Did you want to see me crumble?

To break down into dust?

Shoulders dropping like tears?

Weakened by my soulful cries?


In the sky still soaring,

I rise.

Leaping up – flying, curving.

Like a majestic eagle,

I rise.

I’m a bird escaping from your cage,

My strength can’t be denied.

Farewell to hours of distress,

I rise.

Stepping into a world that blossoms with new beginnings,

I rise.

From my mother who raised me,

I bear the light,

I am the dream, the fight,

I rise, I rise, I rise.

Black History Month


As part of Black History Month, we studied the life and poetry of Maya Angelou. Year 4  They created these beautiful portraits using oil and chalk pastels this morning. They also wrote a poem inspired by an adapted version of 'Still I Rise'

Week beginning 18.10.21


Today year 4 took part in a sponsored bounce to raise money for Cafod's go green challenge.


What is the Go Green Challenge?

This autumn, leading up to the COP26 climate talks in November, we are asking you to ‘Go Green’ by taking on a climate-related fundraising challenge.

There are lots of things you could do - how about a cycling challenge, going vegetarian or plastic-free? Sign up, start collecting sponsors and raise money to help fight the climate crisis!

Together we can shine a light on some of the causes of the climate emergency while doing our bit to guard God's creation and protect our common home. 


We have been very focused on improving our knowledge and speedy recall of the 2/5/10 times tables and Mrs Mac was very impressed by the improvements she has seen over this half term! We are aiming to be able to answer 30 questions in under 2 minutes.

Week starting 11.10.21


This week class four have been reading a variety of quests inspired by King Arthur and the knights of the round table. They identified the features of these quest stories and have planned their own versions, ready for writing next week! In maths, we have been getting to grips with Roman Numerals. In RE, we learned about the life of Solomon. We considered what it means to be wise and what some of his proverbs mean to us.

Week starting 11.10.21

Anglo Saxon Day


Today we had an amazing workshop from Living History. We learned how to:

  • Make clay coil pots
  • Write using ink and quills to create Anglo Saxon illuminated letters
  • make medicine from plants
  • how to play knucklebones
  • looking closely at artefacts to deduce what they are used for
  • about Saxon weapons and armour
  • how to make flour using a quern stone
  • how to make wool and weave using a loom


Then, we made a human timeline in the classroom to help us understand when the Anglo Saxons and Vikings were alive and living in Britain.


Here's what we learned and enjoyed about the day: 


“I liked trying on the Anglo Saxon armour and pretending to be a Saxon raider”  Jude


“I liked making a Viking settlement at break time in the forest” Amelia


“I liked playing knuckle bones which is an Anglo Saxon game but now we call it jacks” Millie


“I learnt how to make flour with a quern stone” Lincoln


“We learned how to make thread from wool and how to use a loom for weaving. We also made coil pots using clay” Bella


“I liked pretending to battle with the Anglo Saxon swords and I tried on chainmail” Harry


“I liked using a quill and ink to write my name using illuminated letters” Hadley


“I liked having my face tattoo (face paint!) to show which tribe I am in” Alissia


“We learned how to make medicine using oats and lavender” Safia



Week starting 27.9.21


Another busy week in year 4! This week we had an interesting talk from Miss Westbrook, who is very interested in Anglo Saxon life. She brought in clothing that she had made herself and replica armour to show us. We also looked at hand carved cups and plates. In computing, we used purple mash to pretend to be Anglo Saxon warriors. We have been enjoying reading more of 'The Saga of Erik the Viking' in our whole class reading sessions. In English, we have been using '2A' sentences to develop our descriptive writing. Mrs Mac was very proud of us as we lead our first class liturgy on Wednesday, telling everyone the story of Abraham and how he trusted God. We also shared the beautiful prayers we wrote, thanking our families and God.

Whole class reading, Anglo Saxon talk by Miss Westbrook and our class liturgy

Week starting 20.9.21

This week we have continued learning about place value. We learned more about the Anglo Saxons and why they decided to invade and settle in Britain.

“I liked English this week because we collected words to describe landing on Dover beach as if we were a Saxon” Hadley

“I enjoyed practising adding 4 digit numbers in maths” Millie

“In PE we learned playing kings and queens dodgeball. It was really fun!” Alexis

“I liked practising rounding. I think I have got the hang of it now.” Bella

“I liked reading the first chapter of The Sage of Erik the Viking in whole class reading” Jenson

Week starting 13.9.21

This week, we have been learning more about the Anglo Saxons – where they came from and where they settled. In maths, we have been finding out how to round to 10 and 100. We visited church for a special mass to say goodbye and good luck to Father Christopher. In PE, we enjoyed playing handball. In the pictures, you can see us playing a rounding game. You can also see our drama - we pretended to be Jutes, Angles and Saxons. We had to explain where we came from, where we settled and why we were invading.


“I enjoyed topic this week and finding out where the Anglo Saxons settled.’ Millie


“I enjoyed learning about the 7 kingdoms of Anglo Saxon times.” Amelia


“I liked making goodbye cards for Father Christopher” Jacob


“I enjoyed art because we made handprints all about ourselves.’ Lincoln


“I liked learning rounding. 0 – 4 drop to the floor. 5 – 9 climb the vine!” Thanus

Autumn 13.9.21

Blue team vs Green in benchball


Drawing family portraits in RE


Welcome to year 4's first class blog of the year.


Wow! Year 4 have made a fantastic start to year 4. I have been so impressed by their positive attitudes and interest in learning. This week, we have had interesting discussions about emotions, worries and families prompted by three picture books: 'The Black Dog' 'Ruby's Worry' and 'The Colour Monster'.


I asked Year 4 what they enjoyed learning about this week:

This week in maths we have been learning about place value. I like column method for calculations. Safia


This week we read the story ‘The Colour Monster’ we learned about all of the different emotions. I loved it. Scarlett


I really enjoyed making my family tree in RE. Isabella


On Tuesday, I liked making the kites in forest school. Bella


I liked doing benchball in PE with Hayden on Wednesday. It was exciting and my team worked well together. Next week we need to improve our catching skills. Lincoln


I liked listening to the story Ruby’s Worries because it teaches you how to deal with your worries. Jacob


I have enjoyed practising my handwriting in the mornings because I think I have improved. Theo






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