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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Class 4 Blog

Summer 1 Week 1

Year 4 settled back into the routines really quickly after Easter, well done! We started our new Geography topic 'Misty Mountain Sierra' by learned about the features of mountains and the identifying the location of famous mountain ranges using atlases. Then we designed and built our own mountains using paper mache. 

Spring 2 Week 3

This week, we studied the results of our investigation 'How do different liquids affect your teeth?' We looked closely at the eggs to see what had happened to the shell. We were amazed that the milk had solidified! The smell was disgusting. Amazingly, the orange juice and vinegar had the most effect. We celebrated International Women's Day by learning about Millicent Fawcett. We created posters inspired by the posters made during the Suffragette movement. In Maths, we used counters to make arrays to help us find the factor pairs of various numbers. In RE, we created art based on scripture from Matthew's gospel:


You have learned ‘You must love your neighbour and hate your enemy’. But I say this to you:


Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you; in this way you will be sons and daughters of God.


God’s love is like the sun, which rises each day and gives warmth and light to everyone, not just good people.


God sends rain to water the earth and the rain falls on the honest and the dishonest people alike.


Don’t just love people who love you!


Don’t just talk to the people who are your friends!


No, I tell you, your love must be like God’s love.


God loves everyone no matter who they are or what they do.


You must not put any limits on your love, for the love of your Father in heaven is never-ending, never- changing.

Week comm. 28.2.2022



Thursday was the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day and this was fully embraced by everyone at St Mary’s!

The children all dressed as characters from a variety of books and we send a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the parents who enabled this to happen.

Our day started with a whole school assembly and the hall was filled with excited readers! 

Each child participated in a variety of Reading workshops that included creating super villains, comic strips & book tokens, designing forest dioramas, acting out different book scenarios and find Wally in school to name but a few. 

At the end of a busy and very productive day the children came together to share their favourite experiences and celebrate their successes.

Together we are a family of readers!

Spring 2 Week 2

This week we visited the parish church for a special Ash Wednesday service. In science, we have been observing the changes different liquids have on eggshells. We also placed 2 eggs in vinegar - one covered in toothpaste and one not covered in toothpaste to find out how toothpaste protects our teeth. We made impressions of our teeth and then used mirrors to identify the different types of teeth we have.

Spring 2 Week 1


We started the week with Forest School, have a look at our Forest school blog post!

This week year 4 have been learning about the changes that happen during puberty as part of RSE. They also researched and wrote a brilliant Liturgy on how we can look after God's creation - in particular the ocean and the dangers of plastic pollution. We started our new topic 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' by learning how to brush our teeth effectively. We used plaque disclosing tablets to show where the plaque is on our teeth and then brushed our teeth for 2 minutes to see how brushing removes plaque.

Spring 1 Week 6


This wee we have enjoyed discussing seascapes. We were inspired by Hokusai's painting 'The Great Wave...' to recreate this famous painting. In RE we learned about funerals and how the parish community support each other. We designed beautiful mass cards that could be given to the parish community to help them to remember and pray for those who have died. On Thursday year 4 were very excited all day as it was the KS2 disco! In English, we finished drafting our underwater dilemma stories and started publishing them. 

Spring 1 Week 5


Year 4 had an amazing time at London Aquarium this week. 

"I liked the jellyfish section because they are really cool and interesting." Oscar


"My favourite part was when we touching the starfish, I have always wondered what they felt like," Isabella


"I liked watching the sharks because there was one that looked like a stingray and it pushed itself on the glass right in front of us!" Fin


"I liked watching the stingrays because one came out of the water!" Alexis


In English, we have been drafting our dilemma stories set in the Great Barrier Reef. We have continued working on our times tables and division facts. In RE, we thought about what our parish community would be like without lay people or ministers.


Spring 1 Week 4


In maths this week we have been mastering our 3,6,7,9x tables and the matching division facts, We practise our recall every morning using Times Tables Rockstars and I am so impressed with how much our recall has improved! In English, we have been preparing to write our dilemma stories set in the Great Barrier Reef. In RE, we have been discussing the church community and thinking about the different roles people in the parish have. In art, we studied the sculptures 'Another Place' by Antony Gormley. We also sculpted our own minature coral reef out of clay using different shapes and textures. Next week, we are really excited as we are off to London Aquarium!

Spring 1 Week 3


This week year 4 have used the internet to research the oceans of the world. They also had to research the adaptations of different sea creatures. In Science, they had to decide on different ways to group a selection of sea creatures. In geography, they used atlases to identify the tropics and equator. In art, we studied the art of Vincent Scarpace and created our own art inspired by his style. In maths, we have been rehearsing our multiplication and division facts.

Spring 1 Week 2

This week we enjoyed another forest school session. We had to work in teams to make our own shelters using rope and tarps. We had a lovely bonfire with marshmallows! In English, we have been writing our own poems based on the poem 'The Sea' by James Reeve. We chose animals as a metaphor for the movement of the sea. In geography, we learnt more about the oceans of the world and where they are located.

Spring 1 Week 1


Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely, restful Christmas. Year 4 have had a great first week back. We created art using natural materials, inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We started learning how to play basketball and started swimming lessons this week. Our new geography and science based topic is 'Blue Abyss'. We learned about the different layers or zones of the ocean. We found out which creatures lived there and drew and painted them for a class display. We also led a lovely assembly about thankfulness.

Week starting 29.11.21


This week Christmas arrived in year 4! Thank you to Isabella, Finley, Leo and Oscar who brought in some decorations to make our classroom look more festive. We created stain glass window style Christmas trees for our display. In RE, we learned about the significance of the advent wreath. We also thought about the gifts our friends, carers and families give us that aren’t objects or toys. In maths, we have been learning about millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres. In English, we have started researching how to create a non-chronological reports. We will be creating reports about solids, liquids and gases. In science, we had our own ‘wacky races’ to observe the viscosity of different liquids. 

Week starting 22/11/21


This week Year 4 have been doing lots of assessments to see how much they've learned. Mrs Mac is so impressed with how much they have remembered and the progress they have made! 


In PE, we have progressed onto playing hockey games using our new skills. In art, we painted our clay potion bottles. In RE, we used drama to understand the why Jesus chose Simon and Andrew to become 'Fishers of people'. In English, we have been writing our own version of the witches' spell from Macbeth and today we practised performing them aloud!

Week beginning 15.11.21


This week we have been learning about the Torah, which is the special book for those who are Jewish. Mrs Fine showed us how to write our names in Hebrew. She also taught us about Shabbat and baked challah bread for us to try. The boys enjoyed trying on some of the yarmulke Mrs Fine has collected over the years.

In Art, we designed and made clay potion bottles. In English, we have been studying the spell the witches cast in Macbeth. We have practised performing it and this week we started gathering rhyming couplets to create our own spells.


Week beginning 8.11.21

This week year 4 have continued to sharpen their coding skills and leant how to use if commands and timers. In English, they looked carefully at the safety labels on packaging, so that they could create a new, safer label for Alice's potion bottle. In Science, they learnt about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. They grouped the packaging of household products into solids, liquids and gases.


Year 4 children also led a beautiful Liturgy this week, speaking about Remembrance Day and we remember those who have died in conflicts.