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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Class 5 Virtual PGL week Summer term 6 week 2

Virtual PGL!


This week we should have been packing and going off to PGL. I’m as sad as you are about it but this week your work is going to be a bit different to make up a little bit for the fact we are not there. There are lots of ideas here that you can chose from to do this week. Please be safe while doing these activities and check what you’re doing with an adult.

Send school some pictures to share about what you are doing and if you want to have a ‘chat’ with me and others in your class check out the class blog on Purple Mash.

The maths worksheets are also all now on Purple Mash in our class work folder.

We hope you have a wonderful week ‘at’ PGL!

First things first:


Build your campsite

You need somewhere to sleep! It could be a tent in your garden, or put the tent up in your living room, or build a tent in your living room. Or just swap/share a room with a sibling.




  • Pitch tent in garden
  • Pitch tent in house
  • Build a tent with bed sheets and sofa cushions house
  • Build a tent outside



Virtual Day trip

Take a virtual day out and visit one or more of these attractions.


For each of these attractions you visit, take a photo of you enjoying the attraction and sum up your experience by answering the following questions:


1, Where did you visit?


2, Describe your tour.


3, List 3 things you saw on your tour.


4, List 3 interesting facts about your tour.


5, List 3 things you learnt on your tour.


6, What was your favourite thing on your tour?

Virtual Trips:

- Use Google Map Street View to explore a different town

 - Longleat Safari Park

 - National Aquarium

 - San Diego Zoo

 - Houston Zoo

 - Walt Disney World

        - Frozen Ever after Ride

        - It’s a Small World

        - Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley

        - Pirates of the Caribbean

 - SeaWorld Orlando

 - National Marine Aquarium

 - LegoLand Florida

 - Atlanta Zoo Panada Cam

 - Monterey Bay Aquarium

 - The Louvre

 - Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

 - British Museum, London


        - Langley Research Center

        - Glenn Research Center

        Or you can try some "augmented reality experiences" via The Space Center Houston's app.


Menu Planning

Imagine that you are actually going to be cooking a meal for your whole family on the camp fire. Your budget is £10, what would you cook?


Create a menu and then price up all of your ingredients.



If your adult is happy for you to do so and you have the food at home, why not even try cooking the meal for your family.


Ten Minute Hike

How many steps can you take walking around your house (and garden if you have one) in ten minutes?


Record the number of steps that you take.



As on real Year 5 PGL trip there would be prizes for the tidiest dorms. This means that you will need to be doing as many helpful chores around the house as you can. Can you change your duvet cover and make your bad every day too?



Star Gazing

If we have a clear night, ask your adult if you can stay up a bit later and do some star gazing. Which different constellations can you see?


Alternatively, if the weather is bad then explore the constellations using

Useful apps for looking at the night sky:


NASA App: Track the movements of the International Space Station.


Star Walks Kids: An app that when you point it at the sky tells you the constellations you are looking at.




Fun Challenges


Scavenger Hunt

Can you make a scavenger hunt for someone in your house?


Raft building

Make a raft so that a toy can float in the bath or kitchen sink without getting wet.


Biscuit Challenge


Place a biscuit on your forehead, get it into your mouth without using your hands.



Is it easier with different biscuits?


Human Knot

With people, only from your house (the more people the more challenging it is) have everyone stand in a circle facing the centre. Everyone raise their left hand and hold the left hand of someone across the circle. Then raise the right hand and hold the right hand of someone different across the circle.


You then need to get yourself unknotted, into a big circle without letting go of the other peoples’ hands.



How many people can you do it with?

Shoe tower

What’s the biggest tower you can build with shoes?

What’s the best way you have found to make a tower?


Tea Pot challenge

You will need a Tennis ball.



Toilet People

Build your best Toilet person!


Night Hike

Go on a torch lit hike with your family, stick together to stay safe.

Can you hear different noises than during the day? Can you spot any wildlife? At PGL we see badgers, bats and foxes.

Rock climbing

Create an illusion photo. Either make it look like you are climbing a high wall (put your cycle helmet on as a prop), or use chalk (or place items on the ground side-on) to make it look like you are doing something super daring and brave.


Assault course

Create an assault course in your garden. Can you time yourself going around it? What about 10 laps?









Bottled up emotions

Our current situation can lead us to experience a range of emotions. Let’s get these out of our head. Using the templates, draw the emotion in the bottle and colour it in.


You can download the pdf version, print it off and colour it in, or,

Download load the image to your computer/tablet/phone and colour it in on there.


  - JPG Image

  - PDF doc




Send a hug

An easy way for us to brighten the day a friend or love one. 

Draw around yourself, colour it in and write a message to someone you’re are not able to see at the moment


Mountain Climbing

If you have steps in or near your house, why not challenge yourself to climb a mountain.


For example, if you wanted to climb Snowdon, you would need to climb 4610 steps.

Different mountain heights as steps:

Learn magic trick

Learn a simple magic trick(s) and perform it/them for your family

- Search “Simple Magic tricks” on google

Learn to juggle

Spend some time learning a new skill!

- Look up juggling tutorials on YouTube

- You don’t have to start will balls, try juggling with handkerchiefs



Origami Zoo

Create an origami zoo at home!

Suggested links:



  - Search Google

  - Find instruction videos on YouTube

Visit #TheGreatIndoors

Visit the national Scouting The Great Indoors website and see what activities they have posted on there you can have a go at


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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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