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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Forest School Blog



Year 6 started this week at Forest School and the sessions focused on learning more about trees. They revised the parts of a tree and focused on learning more about the Sycamore tree. Year 6 were challenged to find the tallest and oldest tree within our school site and were shown how to do this using the natural resources around them! 

Tuesday 26th April

Today, Year 5 had Forest School. We focused on learning about trees and started our day by practising the tree yoga pose. Some were more wobbly than others! Then we learnt about the parts of a tree and had to stick different animals and were we would find them on a tree. After break, we then learnt how to measure the height and age of trees, which was great fun!

Tuesday 19th April 2022

Year 4 had a wonderful start to term 5 - a whole day at Forest School! Our sessions focused on learning more about trees. We learned about the parts of different parts of the tree and then worked in teams to create models of trees using natural materials from our woods. We learned how to estimate the size of tress and used this knowledge to measure a variety of trees in our woods. We also learned how to estimate the age of a tree using our handspans. Finally, we finished with a beautiful fire. 

29.3.22  Year 1


Well we were a little bit jealous that the weather had changed for us this week as it was definitely a bit chilly! But we know from our topic of Splendid Skies that the weather in Spring can be changeable! We love to be at forest school and we enjoyed looking at the signs of new life that we could see popping up all around. Meg taught us about common birds that we might see around the school and we build our own nests for any local residents that might need some help! 

Of course we also found time to hunt for fire wood so that we could toast marshmallows! We love forest school!

22/03/22 Class 2


Well Class 2 were definitely treated with the weather this week - what a glorious day!  We had so much find playing and exploring in the woods before we sat and listened to hear what bird calls we could identify.  We then went on a bird hunt and even used saws to make bird feed pizzas and built nests for them only using 2 fingers like a beak - it wasn't easy!


Of course we ended the afternoon with a camp fire and toasted marshmallows - yum!



8th March 2022 - Class 6

It was a bright but chilly day for Class 6's Forest School session this week, yet this did not deter them in any way!

As part of the John Muir Award the class worked collaboratively together in small groups to create a National Park.

Each group had a square metre area as the foundation of their designs, and they reflected on their prior knowledge of habitats, ecosystems and woodlands to build the park using all of the natural resources available to them.



Class 5 - 01/03/2022

Today, Class 5 had their Forest school. The weather was rainy all day but that didn't stop us! In groups, we were challenged to collect rain water. Then we learned how to combine sticks with string. Even though the weather wasn't good, we managed to explore our Forest school and play games during our free time. We ended the day by collecting fire wood and sat round the fire to warm ourselves up. 

22.2.22 Year 4's Forest School Blog


Today was our first day back after the half term. It was another windy day after the recent storms so it was the perfect day to make and fly kites. We started the day revising the safety rules and then we had some free play in the forest. After that, played 2 games to build our team work. Then we headed back to the classroom. We learned 2 different ways to make kites. Then we decorated them and took them out to the field to test them out!

"I liked playing the new version of tag because it was really fun" Alexis

"I really liked making kites and seeing them fly" Isabelle

"I like being outside in the fresh air" Oscar

"I like having free play in the woods" Jude

"I like that you get to get dirty in forest school!" Finley G

Class 1 - 8th February '22

We had the windiest day for Forest school! We were hoping to burn our Tudor houses in the fire circle but unfortunately the wind was too strong. So we chose three of the smallest houses and decided which one would be Pudding Lane! The flames grew bigger and bigger and hotter and hotter and we really got to imagine what it must have been like in 1666.


After all was turned to ash, we toasted our marshmallows and listened to the story of Cave Baby. We thought about all the things we needed to make a shelter and then got a chance to build our own!

Class R 

February 8th 

We had a brilliant day of adventuring in Forest School. We began by listening to the story, 'Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson, before discussing how humans need shelter to stay warm and protected. This inspired us to build some of our own dens, working as a team to lift, design and create amazing structures. 

Later on, we made our very own campfire! We started by gathering breakfast sticks, lunch sticks, and dinner sticks for our fire. We then watched as Meg used her fantastic 'dragon's breath' flint and steel to light our sticks. Finally, we roasted some delicious, sticky marsh mellows on our fire. What a wonderful day of exploring and learning! 



Class 2 were very lucky as the weather was kind and warmed up just in time for our Forest School day.  We had lots of fun making shelters, bug hunting and creating our own pirate treasure hunts.


After all of this fun - we were challenged to make sticky mud and create mud faces on the trees to scare the dragons away who might want our pirate treasure.  The children all got really involved and after some encouragement, they were happy to get their hands very mucky!




It was a typically very fresh and chilly January day for Class 6’s Forest School session today, however, this did not deter the children in any way at all!


The day started with a variation of activities that included creating mud faces, insect inspecting and trail finding.  All of the class were fully involved and were able to make their own choices in the activities that they completed.


After, the class were then challenged to construct a suitable shelter using natural materials and tarps and they were shown how to tie two types of knots - timber hitch and adjustable knot - to ensure their structure was secure.  Every group worked collaboratively and were able to explain after the positive and negatives encounters during the process together.


During the afternoon Class 6 collectively dismantled their shelters, assembled the main fire and attempted to light the fire too – they had to succeed otherwise there would be no fire to toast their marshmallows!

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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