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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

w/b 11th May

Hi Class 2!


I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday and had fun celebrating VE Day!  I hope you enjoyed some of the activities suggested by St Mary’s – I look forward to seeing some photos on Facebook. 

Here are this week’s activity suggestions – but please remember these are only here if you would like them – there is absolutely no pressure – as long as you all keep those lovely smiles I miss so much – that is what matters most.



Last week’s Year 2 Bitesize lessons were focused on addition and subtraction – these would be great for refreshing our minds with – number is so important and always good to revisit – so give some of those a try.

A little while ago we were looking at symmetry – I would love for you to have a think about this at home.  Could you draw or paint a symmetrical picture – maybe a butterfly, ladybird or a pattern or look for items that are symmetrical in your home.

One great way to practice this is to play a barrier game with someone at home using lego or similar.  Use a large lego board and put a cereal box or something up between you so you can’t see each other’s boards.  You then start to make a simple picture or pattern with your bricks and using your words, you describe to your partner what pieces you need and where.  You are not allowed to point or look at what they have done but they can ask you questions if they do not quite understand.  You then remove the box and see if you have managed to create a symmetrical picture – remember it needs to be a mirror image – if you have a mirror to use that could help you with your instructions.  Start with just a couple of bricks and then build upon this.  This activity will be great practice for your language, instructions and patience!  If using a barrier is too tricky – ask a family member to create a simple pattern on the board then you create the symmetrical image of it without the barrier.



Hopefully from the maths game you would have worked out that instructions need to be really detailed so that the other person understands what they need to do. This week you could find a set of instructions – maybe for a game or a recipe and discuss with an adult what features instructions have.  Then with help from an adult I would like you to follow them.  Think about what made them easy or hard to follow?

You could then write your own instructions of an activity of your choice – it could be making a drink, or a sandwich or you might like to create your own board game and write the instructions or maybe an obstacle course in your garden!  Whatever activity you choose your instructions need to be detailed – imagine an alien visited and had never seen it before – they need to be able to follow the instructions and understand what they need to do to be successful.  You may like to watch this clip – it will give you some ideas on how you might write your instructions.

Don’t forget to use your time connective words – first, next, then, after, finally etc.



It is important to do things that make us happy – so here are a couple of ideas that might help this week:

  • Rainbow scavenger hunt – collect as many items as you can from around your home that are the colours of the rainbow.  Lay them out in the shape of a rainbow on the floor or table.  You could take a picture or draw it to remind you of the activity.
  • Cosmic yoga on you tube is always a nice calming activity to do – I did the Pokemon one at home this week!
  • If you feel that you are starting to miss things that you would normally do – maybe you could get a jar or tub, decorate the tub and with your family write on pieces of paper all the things you might like to do when we are able to go out more.  Maybe you would like to go to the park, hug a family member or play at your friends house – you put them in the tub or jar and then when we are able to, your family can choose one at a time to do.  This will be your ‘things to look forward to’ jar.

Keep smiling and I shall message you all next week!

Mrs Grassby :) 

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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