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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Termly Blog

Term 4


In Science we have been learning all about sound! 


"Sound is made from vibrations."- Lulu 

"Sound can be either low pitch or high pitched."- Darius

"Sound moves in waves." - Oscar


We looks at how we could prove that sound moves in waves.... We put a tuning fork in water! 



We went on a sound walk to try and find the quietest place in the school...  turns out  St Marys is a very noisy place! 


We looked at different instruments to and established how the sound was created!

We created our own instruments. There was a challenge to create the highest pitched noise. 


"The elastic band needs to be as tight as possible because it will vibrate more and have a higher pitch." - Alice  


We were shocked to realise that older people cant hear some higher frequencies.... you can test  your hearing here: 



Stay tuned for more sound fun! 

Sound walk- How do instruments make noise? - Creating our own instruments

Term 3 


In science we have been investigating states of matter! 

States of matter fun! Creating a chemical reaction

Term 2 


My goodness, what a busy term! The children have been amazing and it's so wonderful to see them settled and embracing their learning. We have had so much fun and the children have produced some really fantastic work!





This term we have been writing Myths and legends based around the Michael Morpurgo's Beowulf. The children loved this opportunity to be creative and were so pleased with their final pieces! We have also written diary entries which focused on emotive language. The children learnt about the Viking's first attack at Lindisfarne and wrote from the perspective of a monk.



The children have really enjoyed our topic of "Invasion" and were sad to see it come to an end. Whilst learning about the Battle of Hastings the children were very engaged and considered the pros and cons of all those who had an interest in the monarchy after the death of Edward the Confessor. Many were very shocked at the death of Harold Godwinson and were outraged by the "trickery" from the invaders! 


"If they had just stayed at the top of Senlac hill, they probably would have won." - Dexter 


"They didn't think long term... they were in a great position and they really messed up"- Finley


"The Battle of Hastings was over 1000 years ago, and England has never been conquered since... that is very impressive." - Elliott 


"I think William Duke of Normandy deserved to win... he had a plan and won... there is a good reason for him to wear the crown." - Olivia 

Term 1 


Wow! What a brilliant start to Year 4! We have been learning about the Anglo- Saxon/ Viking invasion and how these events changed history!  We had an immersion day which was a lot of fun! We wore Anglo Saxon outfits with face tattoos, made medicine in the apothecary, created flour using a grinding wheel, and wrote messages using runes on rocks .We wore Anglo Saxon outfits with face tattoos, made medicine in the apothecary, created flour using a grinding wheel, and wrote messages using runes on rocks. We even took home our own amulets which we made  from pewter and enscribed with runes which spelt our names! 


"I don't know how they would have marched with chain mail- it is very heavy" - Olivia 


" I loved the game of knuckle bones" - Arlo


"Artefacts tell us all about the past, it is very important we look after them" - Lucas 



In Art we created dragon eyes. We thought carefully about how we could create texture using different tools and materials.  

We worked on our colour mixing and blending to create the greatest impact. I’m sure you will agree they were very effective. We enjoyed evaluating each others work at different stages during the process and were all very proud of our finished pieces. 




During Black history month we looked at the inspirational Aretha Franklin, we created Neurograhic portraits  with ndebele backgrounds. We enjoyed singing her songs and learning about the power behind her lyrics.

Black History month



In science our topic is Food and digestion. We created a digestion system which showed the journey our food takes after it enters the mouth. It was messy fun, as you will see from some of the pictures.


In RE we have been learning about Jesus’s family tree. As a class, we discussed our own families and drew pictures of how they come in all different shapes and sizes.   

 We spoke about our school family and how important our school values are how they help us work together. We have showed our learning in lots of different forms. The pictures below show our drama performance of "Jacobs blessing." 

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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