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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners


'In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.'

Genesis 1:1

'The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that

you appointed for them.'

Psalm 104:8

At St Marys we believe that Geography honours God as it is important to learn and understand God's creation. When we learn about the world and its inhabitants, we appreciate God's creation.


We follow the cornerstones curriculum, which explores Geography through creative cross curricular topics. Children are given opportunities to learn about Geography using a range of resources, such as; maps, field work and research on computers.

Statement of Intent


The National Curriculum states that all children should receive a high-quality geography education that inspires pupil’s curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. As pupils progress, they should develop their knowledge about diverse places, people, resources, as well as natural and human environments. Their growing knowledge about the world should help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and of the formation and use of landscapes and environments.




The geography curriculum ensures children develop contextual knowledge, analyse and interpret data, as well as practise geographical skills and fieldwork. This is embedded in the Cornerstones Curriculum and through practical fieldwork as well as trips. The key elements of geography are taught through classroom lessons so that children are able to distinguish between human and physical geography, observe changes over time, develop their understanding through the collection and analysis of data, interpret a range of resources and demonstrate practical fieldwork. They also learn how to communicate their geographical information in a variety of ways, through maps, numerical and quantitative skills, as well as writing at length relevant to their age. Practical fieldwork will focus on developing their use of a compass and ability to read maps and progressing to observations and graphs as they move through the school.




The varied curriculum offered through Cornerstones, allows children to develop their areas of strength, while also identify any areas that require improvement. The geographical skills that children learn, enables them to develop valuable abilities, such as: communication, self-confidence, teamwork and a deeper understanding of the world around them. Geography will also develop children’s understanding of human and physical geography in relation to where they live and compare it to the wider world. Children are able to enjoy Geography through exploring maps and learning about physical features of the world, to researching human geography and fieldwork. Through their understanding of geography, children will further develop fundamental skills that will allow them to appreciate the world in which they live in. Impact will be assessed through group as well as independent work. This assessment should show the development of geographical skills as well as the understanding of human and physical geography knowledge. Pupil voice will also give children the opportunity to impact the provision of geography at St Marys.

Our Curriculum

At St Mary's we also have opportunities to learn about Geography on school trips. Year 5 went to Walmer castle and had talks by gardeners to learn about different crops that are grow in Kent. When they returned to school they developed their learning by comparing these crops with those grown around the world. This enabled them to explore aspects of physical and human geography linked to their wider topic of Allotments. 

"Sarah (the gardener) helped us learn about allotments by telling us about the food and flowers she grows," said Tara.

Our Mission and Values

Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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Trust Information

St Mary's Catholic Primary School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Mary's Catholic Primary School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.