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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners

Termly Blog

A child from our class saying a Michael Rosen poem with him

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A brilliant day meeting authors. Micahel Rosen, Lucy Strange and Zohab Zer Khan

Starting term 5 with the releasing of the butterflies. Knowing the life cycle of the butterfly has been fun.

We are ready for the coach. Very excited.

Easter bonnet competition. Congratulations to Tilly our winner and Aggie our runner up.

Science Week - we completed a biscuit dunking investigation. Which biscuit was soluble or insoluble after being dunked in oil, milk and vinegar?

World Book Day- what a great day of book related activities. Miss Ward definitely wasn’t a Gansta Granny stealing Crown Jewels.

Maths- we were looking at division and remainders. How does this help with fractions?

We started the term off with science investigations. What happens when you pour ice on salt? Can you melt chocolate and butter? What happens when you do? What happens if you put bread in a toaster? Can you turn it back to bread?

Term 3 we started our topic on Greeks. We have made amazing projects and looked at how people lived in Ancient Greece. The volcano eruption in Pompeii inspired us to write Newspaper reports. We then went on to write descriptive settings for a warning story.

Term 2 

In term 2 we are looking have been working on maps, looking at co-ordinates and references. Can you go on a walk using an orienteering map? We have been investigating gravity and it’s non contact pull. 
In English we are designing a ‘defeating the monster story’ adding in lots of suspense! What words help create suspense? How can you entice the reader?

We are using our multiplication knowledge to work out cube and square numbers. How quick can you recall your facts?

What an amazing end to a busy term. Panto and our carol service.

Working out equivalent fractions.

We used mechanical systems to design a product.

Performance poetry - can you match the actions to the poem?

In Geography we have been looking at the world’s biomes, climate zones, vegetation belts and explain their common characteristics.

In science we have been looking at friction and forces. We have enjoyed measuring the effect of different surfaces when using cars on them and then calculating the difference in distance. But was it a fair test? We have then gone on to look at the effect of a fulcrum when having to lift heavy weights.

We have been making Mandala’s in forest school. Carrying on the pattern. Whilst we did it we felt calm and promoted mindfulness

Lest we forget. We discussed the importance of Remembrance Day and poppies. We designed our own poppies and painted them.

We used counters and blocks to work out cube and square numbers.

Ordinance survey map work. Can you use a grid reference?

Testing out gravity.

Term 1

What a great term we have had; having an Astrodome visit us and letting us watch stars, planets and space stations all inside a blow up dome. They taught us about the stars making up different animals and star signs. He even had space rocks to touch! 

Some of us went to Aylesford for a Mass with other KCSP schools, we loved singing and being blessed. Also, having a picnic with other children. 

In our writing, we did a portal story about the 'Key to the Universe' we were very shocked when a key turned up in our classroom. We then made fabulous stories going through our own portals. We then went on to write discussions about swimming and should we go into space. What are your thoughts? This has also taken us on to talk about the environment is as there are people who make it their mission to help to improve the world. Our RE topic has led us to think about commitment and missions. 

In French we have been learning how to say different phrases that are related to us, including our hair colours. 

Black history month gave us a chance to talk about Mae Jemison who was the first black women to go into space. We have mixed paint colours 'tints, shades and tones'  and we created a portrait of her. 

Mr File comes in on a Friday to teach us Ukulele which has been great fun as we have learnt the strings and all about the noise we can make. 

Today was our last day of swimming, which are sad to say goodbye to, lots of learning to swim or extend our knowledge. 

Speed stacks are new to our school so we have really enjoyed trying to stack the cups really quickly.

What will term 2 bring us?

Miss Ward



We went to Aylesford for an amazing outdoor mass

Astrodome visits

How amazing do we sound!

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Call and response

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More amazing music

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Together we are a family of God, a family of love, a family of learners.

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